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Oxford School Shooting Suspect Had Plan To ‘Stalk, Rape, Torture’ & ‘Kill’ Female Classmate In Journal

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Ethan Crumbley

More disturbing information has come to light regarding Ethan Crumbley’s alleged shooting spree which took place on November 20th, 2021.

Prosecutors have been trying to arguing that the 15-year-old should remain in an adult jail by arguing that his mental maturity is well beyond his age.

At a court hearing on Tuesday, prosecutors drew attention to Crumbley's actions prior to the shooting which seem to indicate that he meticulously planned the attack.

They also pointed out his apparent total lack of remorse following the deaths of four students and the injury of seven more at Oxford High School.

Prosecutors say that Crumbley had a plan to 'stalk, rape, torture’ & ‘kill' a female student.

The prosecutors in the case against alleged school shooter Ethan Crumbley said, “In text messages to a firm and in his journal, he outlined a plan to stalk, rape, torture and ultimately kill a female classmate.”

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Allegedly, Crumbley also took great “delight” in killing a family of baby birds, specifically saying that he enjoyed hearing them squeal as they died.

Ethan Crumbley’s twisted ideologies are evident in his journal.

According to prosecutors, Ethan illustrated his thoughts on the killings and wrote specifically about what gun he needed to carry out his unthinkable acts.

Prosecutors say that Crumbley wrote in his journal, “When you die you need to be remembered for a long time.” They continued by saying that Crumbley’s journal, “spoke of his admiration for Adolf Hitler and Jeffrey Dahmer.”

Prosecutors have also said that they have concerns about Crumbley being around other minors.

Ethan Crumbley allegedly asked about his 'fan mail' while in jail.

The prosecution is trying to have Crumbley held with adults rather than in a juvenile facility, ostensibly out of concern for other juveniles in such a facility.

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Lawyers have said that Crumbley is not only a danger to others, but also shows the interests and maturity of an adult and ought to be treated like one.

The prosecution have also claimed that Crumbley wants the infamy that he has accrued through his actions, saying, "He asked in jail, 'How do I get my fan mail? How do I get my hate mail?' He wants that notoriety."

The defense is claiming that Crumbley’s actions were caused by a “mental health crisis”.

Crumbley’s defense lawyers have tried to contextualize his actions as those of someone that was experiencing a mental health crisis and wasn’t acting as they normally would.

The defense has said of Crumbley, “This is someone who was having a mental health crisis and no one did a thing. He had no one in his corner to get the help that he desperately needed.”

The defense has attempted to divert blame away from Crumbley and instead toward his parents.

Crumbley’s lawyers claim that he sought help and blamed his parents for not getting it, saying, “He asked his parents to see a therapist. And at the time of this event, my client was not in any sort of therapy.”

Ethan Crumbley has pled not guilty to the charges against him and the defense is preparing to use an insanity defense.

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