Dunkin' Donuts Worker Exposes The Gross Kitchens & Disgusting Working Conditions After Quitting

They are a foodborne illness outbreak waiting to happen.

bad workplace conditions exposed by woman who quit TikTok/@nevadazee/Sandika Naufal

If the pandemic didn’t strain the relationship between employers and employees enough, we had the Great Resignation, then the Great Reshuffle that saw employees jumping ship left and right. Since that time, the relations between the two parties that need each other have been on super shaky ground.

People are calling their jobs out for refusing to pay them appropriately, firing them and expecting favors afterward, and other horrendous practices. But a woman who goes by ‘@nevadazee’ on TikTok shared a video she took after leaving her job at Dunkin’ Donuts at the end of 2022.


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The former Dunkin' Donuts worker posted what really goes on behind the scenes of America's favorite coffee spot.

In that snippet entitled, “exposing Dunkin’ because I quit,” the wayward former worker showed viewers the alleged kind of unsanitary conditions their food is prepared in. The video started by displaying coffee being stirred in a cup that sat in a dirty sink.



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The woman then goes on to show dirty shake or frothing machines with what appears to be old cream stuck to them. Next, there is powder — presumably used in drinks — stored in visibly filthy containers, then a bathroom stall with something that looks like vomit on the floor.

The video finishes with a grimy, unwashed muffin tin that looks like it’s almost sitting near the floor, mucky bottles of syrup. Recyclables and wires were strewn around a garbage can near the back door. The scene is enough to make anyone lose their appetite.

Viewers were stunned to know that the company gave customers spoiled milk, but some blamed the employees, and not Dunkin’ Donuts for the filth they saw.

In a second video uploaded by the TikToker, she shared a video, apparently received from a manager at a location where she worked. It said, “Hey, [so], btw (by the way), all y’all are banned from this Dunkin.’ Not allowed anywhere in the store or parking lot."




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The former employee was unmoved by the store restricting her access to it as she likely didn’t have any reason to return anyway and apparently, there are other Dunkin’ Donut locations nearby. Besides, with what she allegedly knows about the restaurant, why would she want to eat or drink there?

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), every year outbreaks of foodborne illnesses increases. Employees like this woman have a responsibility to report health and safety violations to the public and the authorities. In some cases, those illnesses can result in death.


Employees who recognize that illegal processes are at play have the right to report it as a whistleblower. There are laws in place to protect them from retaliation, terminations, and any other backlash. Unfortunately, many wait until they themselves have been wronged by a company before they decide to spill the beans.

It’s also important that workers stand behind the claims they are making about an employer. Spreading information that is not true can result in a defamation suit. But companies, first have to determine if the employee is claiming to state facts or just offering their opinion.

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