TikToker Says These 10 Books Were Removed From The Bible — And Could Get You Killed

Is it a conspiracy or a Christian coverup?

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A viral TikTok claims that there are at least 10 books in the Bible that could get you killed even for just knowing about them — so continue reading at your own risk.

The TikTok claims that 10 books were removed from the Bible, and that teaching them or owning them would put you at risk of being “lynched” or killed.

The 10 books he claims were removed from the New Testament, and which he says you could be lynched for owning, are: The Gospel of Mary the Magdalene, The Gospel of Philip, The Gospel of Thomas and the Tale of the Twin, The Book of Enoch, The Secret Book of James, The Apocalypse of Paul, The Letter of Peter to Philip, The Apocalypse of Peter, The Gospel of Truth, and The Gospel of the Egyptians.


Were these 10 books removed from the bible, and if so, could you be killed for owning them?

Before you go erasing your search history indicating any evidence that you’ve found proof of these “banned” religious texts, a fellow TikToker and self-proclaimed Christian philopsopher has since debunked the existence of these books.

“By who?” the philosophers asks of who exactly will have you killed. “The Pope’s secret force of ninjas?”



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Here is the truth about each of the 10 books some claim were removed from the Bible and could get you killed.

1. The Gospel of Mary the Magdalene

“That was never included in any Orthodox canon,” explains the TikTok philosopher.

According to a Time Magazine profile on Mary Magdalene’s place in religious history, the Gospel of Mary isn’t classified information. It simply was not included in the Bible amongst the other gospels as it was written after his death and is not formally recognized by the church.

Despite the Gospel of Mary admittedly being “a very mysterious document” having no known author, there’s no evidence that it’s meant to be a secret of which knowledge of could get you killed.

2. The Gospel of Philip

Like the Gospel of Mary, the Gospel of Philip was “never included in the canon,” according to the TikTok debunking video.


It’s believed that this text was written around the 3rd century but lost until it was found in 1945. It’s not included in the Bible because, according to the BBC, “the content didn't conform to Christian doctrine” and lacks authenticity.

3. The Gospel of Thomas and the Tale of the Twin

Also part of the texts found in 1945, the Gospel of Thomas is considered “Gnostic,” and therefore non-conforming to traditional Christian teachings.

The text contains sayings attributed to Jesus and also does not have a known author rather than a narrative of Jesus’ life.

4. The Book of Enoch

“That’s still part of the Ethiopian canon and last time I checked, Ethiopian Christians were not being rounded up and executed,” says the TikTok philosopher.


According to Catholic author Tim Staples, the Book of Enoch is not included in the Bible because it is “not the inspired Word of God.” Instead, the Book of Enoch is known for purporting apocalyptic views that may or may not be true without an authentic author.

5. The Secret Book of James

“Gnostic texts were never part of the Orthodox canon,” explains the TikTok philosopher.

Found (and believed to be written) long after Jesus’ death, the Secret Book of James’ authenticity is debatable.

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6. The Apocalypse of Paul

This book was “never included in the Orthodox canon,” according to the TikTok philosopher. The text is described as “pseudobiographical,” meaning Paul is not the original author, and therefore not included in the traditional Christian Bible.

7. The Letter of Peter to Philip

Also found in 1945, this text is considered Gnostic and pseudobiographical.

8. The Apocalypse of Peter

“It’s true a lot of early Christians did accept the Apocalypse of Peter as authoritative, but it was ultimately rejected because it lightly contains heresy and there was no evidence it was written by Peter,” says the TikTok philosopher.

Ultimately, it was removed from the Bible because it was “not necessary to teach the faith that the apostles handed down to us.”


According to the philosopher, there are still some copies of the Bible that include this book. And fortunately, you won’t be killed for owning it.

9. The Gospel of Truth

This is another Gnostic text that was rejected by the Church because it is considered a “legendary fabrication” of Jesus’ early life.

10. The Gospel of the Egyptians

“Gnostic. Documents. Were not included. In the Orthodox canon,” the TikTok philosopher emphasizes.


Like most of the other works included in this list, this text is considered heretical written too late in time “to have been written by anyone who could have actually seen the ministry of Jesus.”

The truth is that these texts were not included in the Christian Bible only to silently disappear.

And, more importantly, knowing about their existence does not put you at risk of being “lynched.”

Instead, many of these texts simply can’t be authenticated, are completely fabricated, or don’t align with traditional Christian beliefs.

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