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Dad Angry At Mom For Waxing 5-Year-Old Daughter’s Unibrow To Protect Her From Bullying

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dad angry at mom as she waxes daughters unibrow

Parenting can be difficult as no two people are alike. Both parents only want the best for their children but sometimes their ways of doing things can create conflict.

A similar thing happened when a mom waxed her 5-year-old daughter’s unibrow because she was being bullied. 

"So my five year old daughter has a pretty thick dark unibrow, that is very noticeable," the mom explained since her school has been online for a while, she wasn’t bullied there, "However this past summer her cousins came over to visit and many of them teased her for her unibrow."  

That's why the mom decided to remove the unibrow.

Th girl's dad didn’t fancy the idea of waxing the daughter’s eyebrows at such a young age. He believed that their daughter was too young for something like this. Both of them had a huge argument about it.

The dad was furious at the mom for waxing their daughter's eyebrows.

While the mom thought she helped her daughter, the dad was furious about the way she went about it. The dad argued that the mom conformed her daughter to beauty standards and it was “horrible” of her to do it.

“He said it was horrible of me to be subjecting my five year old daughter to beauty standards. And that at such a young age I’m pushing it on her, instead of telling her she is beautiful the way she is,” the mom wrote.

He also said how their daughter is still too young to be thinking about things like these and wanted to give her that choice when she was much older.

“And that my daughter is too young to know what she wants. She should have been able to make her decision to wax it off when she is old enough." 

The mom then turned to Reddit to ask other people about their opinions.

The now-deleted post on Reddit about the 5-year-old explained what she had been through and why the mom chose to do what she did. 

The mother wrote how heartbroken she was seeing her daughter constantly put herself down despite the mom reassuring her daughter that she was beautiful as she is.

"At just five years old my daughter already thinks she is ugly. It breaks my heart because nobody (let alone a five year old) should think they are ugly. I reassure my daughter she is beautiful and not to listen to her cousins, but my daughter still believes she is ugly."

The mother mentioned that her daughter’s school starts soon and she didn’t want her to go through it again.

Her mom knew the negative effect this could have had on her kid so she mentioned how she just waxed her eyebrows, "I didn't shape them or anything just waxed the middle off to get rid of her unibrow." 

It made a huge difference for the daughter as she was happy and overjoyed, “My daughter was elated looking in the mirror and calling herself so pretty.”

Of course, the mom made sure to let her daughter know that she was beautiful either way.

“It warmed my heart to see her so confident in herself, but I made sure to remind her she was beautiful both ways.”

The post stirred conversations and comments from over 3,000 people with support for the mother. 

Many spoke about the evils of bullying and their experiences with body hair and bullying. 

One user wrote, “As a child I had a mole on my face that I hated and everyone could see it. It really messed with my self esteem and I was teased so much. When I finally had it removed I felt AMAZING and there was an instant improvement on how I was treated by others. I sooooo wish my parents would have just let me remove it at a young age. It took less than 5 minutes to greatly improve my life.”

Another wrote, “I, a female, have very dark and thick arm and leg hair. I got called half-ape all through elementary. I would come home and cry for an hour daily."

"Mom offered to me that I could wax. I did. It helped my self-esteem. Now that I'm in my 20's I've just stopped caring. I have more important things to worry about. But I still think my mom did that right thing.”

Another commented how the dad won’t understand it as it isn’t something he would go through.

“The dad has no idea how cruel the world is to women about their looks. If he thinks that it's coming from the mom, he's being incredibly simplistic. Kids get their hair cut to certain styles to fit in. They want certain clothes and toys like their friends. The mom is helping. The daughter is happy. One little tiny bit of hair was removed simply and easily, and the kid has an easier life. This is not the hill to die on regarding body issues.” 

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