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Bones & Clothes Found In Search For 4-Year-Old Who Disappeared After Being Left Home Alone By Father

Photo: Hampton Police Department
Cori Bigsby

As the search for a missing four-year-old continues in Virginia, there are countless supporters on social media hoping Codi Bigsby will be found.

Codi was reported missing on January 31 by his father, Cory Bigsby, who says he was last seen at 2am at his home in Hampton, VA.

However, the Hampton police department has said his timeline does not match up with evidence collected. 

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Police are seeking information from anyone who has seen Codi or Cory since December 25 2021.

Cory Bigsby was arrested on child neglect charges. 

On February 3, Cory was charged with seven counts of felony child neglect, police said, after he allegedly confessed to leaving his children, including Codi, alone for up to three hours on more than one occasion. 

The charges in his arrest report are related to incidents spanning from December 13 until January 25.  

Cory also has a 5-year-old child and 2-year-old twins who lived at the Buckroe Pointe apartment with him full-time. Codi’s mother lives in Washington D.C.

These children are accounted for and are reportedly safe.

Volunteers have been extensively searching for Codi Bigsby.

As well as searching the areas around the home from which Codi went missing, volunteers have expanded their search to the Norfolk area – near Cory’s former home.

Hampton Police Chief Mark Talbot has praised their efforts.

“I believe the number of people who have decided on their own to traipse about in the woods and dig through marshes and all of these other things,” said Talbot during a news conference on Feb. 15. “God bless them. Keep going.”

Bones and clothes were found during the search for Codi Bigsby.

As attention on the case grew on social media, post circulated about discoveries made during the search effort.

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However, police have confirmed that two sets bones found were not human remains. The clothing found has been taken in for investigation.

“In both of those cases the bones were determined not to be human, and unrelated to this case,” Hampton Police said in a Feb. 15 press release update. 

“Additionally, a jacket was located by a citizen in the 100 block of Ranalet Drive. At this time, detectives are still working to determine if the jacket has any relation to the case or is of evidentiary value.”

Cory Bigsby’s request for a lawyer was allegedly ignored by police.

The case of Codi’s disappearance has likely been somewhat slowed by problems surrounding the police’s handling of his father.

Police chief Talbot confirmed that, upon reviewing footage of Cory’s time under questioning at Hampton Police headquarters, police “mishandled” his right to legal counsel.

“There was a heated back and forth,” Hampton Police Chief Mark Talbot said at a news conference last week. 

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Talbot says Cory twice “indicated that he wanted to have legal counsel with him,” but was ignored.

However, investigators continued to question Cory for another two and a half days without a lawyer. 

It is unclear what was revealed during this time but a lawyer will be able to argue that anything Cory revealed after his right was violated can not be used against him.

Now, a bond hearing originally scheduled for Friday, Feb. 25, has been canceled to allow Cory’s attorney Jeffrey Ambrose to review video of the time Cory spent at police headquarters.

Codi Bigsby’s mother has released a statement about her son’s disappearance.

Codi’s mother has remained largely anonymous in the investigation. Though his parents were both originally persons of interest, police have since cleared Codi’s mother.

She is reportedly cooperating with the investigation but has not addressed the public, except via a statement.

“At this present time, I do not wish to take part in any telephone, television or social media interviews,” she said via a representative.

“My reluctance is based on the upcoming trial and the questions asked are questions that will be addressed in court. In addition, I have been advised by legal counsel not to address the public. However, I would like to speak to the support of the community. I sincerely appreciate all the volunteers, rescue workers, police, FBI, news reporters, the community at large, family, friends, and everyone who is showing love and support for Codi.”

“It truly warms my heart. I am praying for the safe return of my baby boy, Codi. I hope the public and the community understand and respect my position during this tragic time.”

If you or anyone you know has information that can help the police division find Codi, you're asked to call 757–727–6111 or the Crime Line at 1–888-LOCK-U-UP. Tipsters can also send an anonymous tip at P3Tips.com.

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