Claims That Chris Noth Violently Abused His Ex-Girlfriend Resurface Amid New Sexual Assault Allegations

How did this get buried for so long?

Chris Noth at "And Just Like That" premier to the left. Article About Beverly Johnson's Allegations, right. lev radin/Shutterstock//Instagram

Two sexual assault allegations have been recently released against Chris Noth, most well-known for his role as “Mr. Big” on “Sex and the City.”

While he denies both of these new claims made against him, the recent scrutiny has only reminded people of his former girlfriend’s own allegations against him, back in the 90s.

Now, it appears that the newest allegations may be part of a pattern of alleged abuse by the actor.


A quick warning, to start — this article contains content that might be triggering to some.

Chris Noth allegedly assaulted ex-girlfriend Beverly Johnson in 1991.

In the light of the recent allegations, people have started to spread an old story which alleged his abuse and assault of his ex-girlfriend back when they dated in the 90s.

A newspaper clipping covering the allegations made by his ex-girlfriend, Beverly Johnson, has been spread across social media.

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The outlet claims Noth "beat her" during their relationship, and that he also made death threats against her while phoning her "up to 25 times a day," threatened to disfigure her, and even "vowed to kill her dog."


According to the publication, Noth allegedly assaulted Johnson in 1991, and the abuse continued through to the end of their relationship in 1993.

Johnson, according to the publication, filed for a restraining order against Noth.

30 years after this alleged abuse, it is shocking to think how Johnson’s allegations had been ignored until two women recently came forward with equally harrowing claims.

Two women have accused Chris Noth of rape and sexual assault.

Both women with claims against Noth reached out to The Hollywood Reporter, separately and months apart, when their traumatic memories were stirred up by all the promotional material for HBO Max’s “Sex and the City” sequel series, “And Just Like That.”


In “And Just Like That,” Noth returns as Mr. Big, his most well-known role, so this is the biggest spotlight he has had in years.

Both women chose to use pseudonyms when sharing their stories.

Zoe, now 40, was 22 years old in 2004 when the alleged assault took place.

She had been working in an entry-level position within a high-profile firm where Noth and other celebrities did business. Noth was quite flirty with Zoe, leaving her messages on her work phone. Zoe’s boss found this a bit a odd, but, as she said, “This was peak ‘Sex and the City.’ He was like a god to us.”

According to Zoe, Noth showed a lot of interest in her studies, asking her all about her major before letting her borrow a book. When she returned it at his apartment; however, Zoe says she had been assaulted.


Noth kissed her, and she tentatively kissed back before trying to leave, thinking that she had just gained a fun story with a kiss from Mr. Big. She said, “Thank you, I’m going back to my friend.”

But, Zoe says, that instead of allowing her to leave, this was when Noth grabbed her and raped her from behind in front of a mirror.

She shouted at him to stop and asked him, “Can you at least get a condom?” According to her, he only laughed at this.

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She was shaken and went to her friend’s apartment in the same building. She made a beeline to get blood out of her shirt from the alleged assault, but her friends pursued her and tried to figure out what had happened.


They took her to the emergency room where she says she got stitches but kept it secret from most people just who had assaulted her, in fear for her job.

For a long time, she received counseling over the traumatic experience before trying to bury the memory as thoroughly as possible, until today.

Lily, now 31, was 25 when Noth allegedly assaulted her in 2015.

She said met him in a VIP section of a New York nightclub, where she was a server.

She had been a fan of him from both “Law and Order” and “Sex and the City.” She was “truly star-struck,” as she says.

So, when he openly flirted with her and invited her out, she couldn’t help but think he might actually be interested in getting to know her, despite knowing that he was married.


While her friend discouraged her from going, Lily decided to anyway, believing he would be “nice and respectful” like he was at the club.

But the kitchen at the restaurant was closed; only the bar was open.

Lily was soon pretty drunk, and went with him back to his apartment when he invited her. Now, she is embarrassed to think that she thought, “We’re going to drink whiskey and talk about his acting career,” and did not think he would try to hook up with her.


But at his apartment, that is exactly what he had in mind. After some kissing, Lily says that he forced her to perform oral sex on him before raping her from behind in front of a mirror.

This is nearly identical to Zoe’s story though the outlet insists that the women do not know each other and both came forward separately.

Following the alleged incident, she immediately called her friend in hysterics, but in the days that followed she tried to downplay the situation and convince herself and others that it wasn’t as bad as she thought.

According to Zoe, Noth also tried to message her afterward, seemingly aware that she did not enjoy the experience, and requesting she keep it from her friends.


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