A Little Boy Opened A Lemonade Stand To Raise Money To 'See The World' Before He Loses His Vision Entirely

His little lemonade stand is now becoming an event that anyone can attend in Los Angeles on August 18th!

Charlie rocket, Grayson lemonade stand @charlie / TikTok

A little boy is on his way to achieving his dreams after the lemonade stand he created and set up in front of his house caught the attention of millions of people.

In a TikTok video, Charlie, the founder of the Dream Machine Foundation, which uses its social media account to raise money for communities and people who need help attaining their dreams and life-long goals, stumbled across a lemonade stand that was run by a 9-year-old boy who was trying to raise money for a heartwarming reason.


The young boy wanted to raise money and see the world before he would lose his vision entirely.

"This little 9-year-old boy is blind and selling lemonade at his house," Charlie began in his video, pulling up in his car beside Grayson's stand that he had opened up outside of his home. Charlie complimented Grayson on the stand and even stopped to read the sign explaining his situation.

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"Hi, my name is Grayson. I am 9 years old and I was born blind but I do not let that stop me from doing everything you can do," the young boy's sign read. "I love music and I love to travel." 


For his lemonade stand, Grayson explained that he was trying to raise money to "see the world" while he still has a little bit of his vision left. "Will you help me reach my dream to see the world?"

Upon reading Grayson's heartwarming sign, Charlie immediately asked if he'd be able to buy some lemonade from him. "It's perfect for a hot day, isn't it?" Grayson chimed in after Charlie had purchased the drink. 

Noticing that there weren't that many people gravitating toward his stand, Charlie suggested that he could help bring more people around to support his business. With the help of Grayson, both he and Charlie passed around flyers advertising the lemonade stand, and before long, people started showing up with the money to spend on Grayson's lemonade.

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Charlie decided to surprise Grayson with an event to help him raise more money so he'd be able to travel.

With the success of Grayson's singular lemonade stand in front of his home, Charlie decided that he wanted to go above and beyond for the 9-year-old boy and really help him achieve his dream of traveling. To do so, Charlie announced a surprise lemonade stand event.



"We're gonna surprise Grayson with his very own lemonade stand event right here at the Dream factory in Los Angeles on Friday. Let's make his dream come true!" Charlie urged viewers.

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The event will be held on August 18 at 5856 Adams Blvd in Los Angeles, California, between 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm. 

"We're gonna have a lemonade stand at the Dream Factory on Friday with the whole dream team!" Grayson proudly stated in the follow-up TikTok video announcing the event. "Cups are $2 and it's a fundraiser for you to achieve your dream of seeing the world," Charlie chimed in.

For people who don't live in the Los Angeles area and can't make it, Charlie also started a fundraising page on the Dream Machine website, where people are urged to donate money to make Grayson's dreams come true.

Grayson's story, coupled with Charlie's unwavering dedication, shows the incredible impact empathy and compassion can have on an individual's journey. 


As the world comes together to support Grayson's dream, his lemonade stand has evolved into something much larger — a symbol of hope, unity, and the limitless potential of human kindness.

Through the actions of one boy and the support of countless individuals, a dream that began with a single cup of lemonade is transforming into a global movement of empowerment and possibility, and if you're in or around the Los Angeles area, you should definitely stop by and experience it!

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