Woman Lists 5 Rules She Makes Her Boyfriend Follow — And Now People Are Accusing Her Of Being 'Insecure'

These rules make her feel comfortable and secure in their relationship.

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Most people have a list of behaviors that they will never put up with from a partner, whether it's cheating or a lack of healthy communication.

However, a woman named Taylor Donoghue took boundaries to another level, sharing the rules she has for her boyfriend that, if broken, are worthy of a breakup. 

Donoghue listed the 5 rules that she makes her boyfriend follow:

1. No girl best friends

Donoghue insisted that she never wants her boyfriend to have any girl best friends. She claimed that she's more than fine if he has female friends or acquaintances, but draws the line at the best friend slot being filled by someone of the opposite gender.


"I don't believe in them," she admitted. "I think those get messy."



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Donoghue's rule about girl best friends had many women in the comments cheering. 

According to data acquired by YouGov, younger men are more likely than older men to say most of their friends are women: 17% of men aged 16-24 have mostly female friends, compared to 9% of men in their 30s and 40s, and 11% of men in their 60s or older.


However, to assume that men can't have platonic relationships with women does nothing but reinforce outdated gender stereotypes. If your partner steps out of the relationship with their friend of the opposite gender then that's a reflection of them, not a reflection of every single male-female friendship dynamic.

2. She needs to know his location at all times

"I will never not allow my boyfriend to let me know where he's at," Donoghue remarked. "I feel like you get to a point where when you've been dating someone for so long, having each other's locations is more of a safety thing."

She explained that she doesn't ever use her boyfriend's location to "stalk" him, or because she doesn't trust him. Because she cares about him, she feels better knowing his whereabouts.

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She insisted that it can be a bit "shady" if you're dating someone and they have no inclination to know where you are or refuse to either give out their location or inquire about yours. In theory, sharing locations isn't an otherworldly thing, and even friends will share where they are, but to demand it of your partner is an entirely different thing.

It can spark a discussion of trust, and some people may find it ludicrous that their significant other needs to know where they are at all hours of the day. However, if sharing locations works for some couples, then it works for them, but not everyone should be expected to follow it if they don't want to.

3. She doesn't allow him to go to strip clubs

She pointed out that while this may be a controversial opinion, she would prefer if her boyfriend never went to strip clubs with his friends. She has no problem if he wants to have a night out with them, but would find an issue if they spent that night at a strip club.

She remarked that she has no issue with going out to bars or parties, but draws the line at being around scantily-clad women on poles.


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4. She prefers splitting the bills 50/50

"I feel like men paying for 100% of everything is just wrong," she said. Donoghue explained that she never wants it to seem as if she's running a man dry by taking all of his money and making him pay for everything whenever they're together.

Woman Lists 5 Rules She Makes Her Boyfriend FollowPhoto: Comstock Images / Canva Pro


Again, another popular topic of discussion on social media, with both men and women divided about whether men should be paying for everything when it comes to their significant other. Unfortunately, this ideology is incredibly unrealistic in the economy that we're living in, but if this is an expectation in a relationship, there needs to be frank conversations about finances and what each person can afford.

5. She doesn't want her boyfriend to like other girls' bikini photos on social media

"I feel like that's a huge red flag," she said. "I feel like there's been so much more awareness on this, but it always makes me sad when I see someone married with kids or in a relationship liking girls' photos, especially very provocative ones."

Donoghue admitted that she just feels more comfortable and secure in her relationship when she knows her boyfriend isn't scrolling on social media and engaging with photos of other women. She claimed that it isn't a "good look" and would rather avoid it altogether.

But does having the rule actually stop the behavior? 


People accused Donoghue of being 'insecure.'

While some people agreed with some, if not all, of Donoghue's rules, others claimed that rules don't belong in a relationship at all. If you trust your partner wholeheartedly, then you shouldn't feel threatened by what they do when they're not with you.



"It sounds like a mom. If a man truly respects you, you don’t need to not 'allow' things. He’s your boyfriend, not your child," one TikTok user pointed out, while another user added, "How about you just trust each other and be happy? If you can’t then move on."

While there is a need for structure and boundaries in a relationship, imposing rules can lead to further conflict. Trust is integral for a healthy relationship to bloom, but it has to be earned and you can't force that.


You should trust that your partner won't cheat, won't violate your boundaries, and will be a supportive person in your corner, no matter what. 

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