A Woman Ghosted The Man She Was 'Madly In Love With' After One Odd Dinner With His Family

She noticed a weird dynamic between her boyfriend and his mother.

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Viewers were flabbergasted at a woman's story of how she ended up ghosting a guy she'd been dating after having dinner with him and his family.

In a TikTok video, an unnamed woman stitched a video of another content creator who had posed the question, "What killed your feelings for someone you were once madly in love with?" and claimed that she lost feelings for a guy after noticing the relationship he had with his mother.


A woman ghosted the guy she'd been dating after noticing his reaction to being served veggies at dinner.

"When I was 20 years old, I started dating this guy and we got super close so fast," she began in her video. "I was in love with this man. He could do no wrong. To this day, he was the best person I've ever dated I thought I was gonna marry him."

She recalled that one of his only red flags was the fact that he hated eating vegetables, which she was willing to let slide in favor of his other qualities. Unfortunately, one dinner with his family quickly changed her mind.



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She explained that he would always come over to her house and have meals with her family, but was reluctant to invite her to meet his parents. Five months into their relationship, they were both talking about getting married and their future plans, but she still hadn't met his parents. 

Determined to change that, she told him that if he wanted to marry her one day, she should probably meet and become acquainted with his family too. She pointed out that it felt "super weird" that she hadn't met them, especially since he was close with her parents and brother. 

"Finally, he agrees to let me meet his parents and we go over for dinner. His family was so nice, I'm like, 'Why are you hiding them from me?'" she recalled. For dinner, her boyfriend's mother had made salmon, broccoli, and rice, and she claimed that as soon as he saw the dinner, he turned his nose up and started pouting because his mother had put vegetables on his plate.

Her boyfriend refused to eat the broccoli on his plate unless his mother fed it to him.

She tried to excuse her boyfriend's disgusted behavior, acknowledging that she knew he didn't like vegetables and that his mom probably shouldn't have put it on his plate in the first place. But, things quickly turned south once she noticed how his mom was going to get him to eat the broccoli on his plate.


"We were all done with our food, he only had nine pieces of broccoli left on his plate, and his mom came over and takes the broccoli one by one on the fork," she continued. Her boyfriend's mom then imitated the choo-choo train eating method that parents use on babies and toddlers until the forkful of broccoli was in his mouth.

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"One time she said, 'here comes the airplane' and he ate it. This man was 23 years old by the way and at the end he said, 'Thank you, Mommy.'" On the ride home after that bizarre dinner with his family, her boyfriend explained that the choo-choo method was the only way he could eat vegetables.


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He informed her that if they were ever to get married in the future, she would have to take up that role as his wife, which immediately turned her off and she ghosted him shortly after.

While many people were shocked at her ex-boyfriend's indignant aversion to vegetables, it was the relationship he had with his mother that raised the most brows. The term enmeshment, which refers to the toxic attachment that some mothers will have with their sons, seems to be the main issue that caused her to end the relationship with him. 

This phenomenon often occurs when a mother becomes overly involved in her son's life, often blurring boundaries and creating a codependent relationship. If she and her ex hadn't broken up and eventually ended up getting married, his codependent relationship with his mother would've most likely hindered their romantic partnership.


Such codependency can also create unhealthy dynamics within a family and hurt a man's ability to form his own connections outside of the one he has with his mother.

woman ghosted the man she was in love with after odd dinner with his familyPhoto: Ron Lach / Pexels

That's when we start hearing stories of mothers-in-law who refuse to adhere to boundaries and nitpick at every little detail because in their minds, no one is good enough for their son and they aren't afraid to let a woman know that. And no woman wants to be in a partnership with her husband and his mother.


While it can be challenging to part ways with someone that you once deeply cared about, as is the case with this woman, it's also important to prioritize your own mental well-being and trust your instincts once you realize that a relationship could potentially end up being more of a problem than a good thing in the long run. 

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