Wife Shares The 'Expectations' She & Her Millionaire Husband Have Of Each Other In Their Marriage

Their expectations are a bit unattainable for average people.

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It’s natural to have some expectations in any relationship. Everyone has ideals that they want their partner to live up to. But what happens when we cross the line and those expectations become unreasonable?

We never want to expect too much of someone or create a toxic mental checklist. But one husband and wife are certainly toeing the line of what's emotionally acceptable.

A millionaire married couple in Dubai shared their startling expectations for each other in their marriage.

Soudi and Jamal are a couple living in Dubai. According to her TikTok bio, Soudi is originally from Great Britain, while Jamal is a native of the UAE. Soudi shares glimpses of her life being married to a millionaire on the app and has garnered over 1 million followers in the process.


Soudi shared a list of the expectations they have for each other as husband and wife, and they seem to hearken back to more traditional gender roles. She detailed things like “produce as many heirs as possible” and “be responsible with his money and invest.”



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Some may argue that Jamal’s expectations are unfair and that responsibilities should be shared more equally between the two. However, Soudi is definitely not getting a bad deal.

Her expectations are more materialistic and consist of things you might assume the wife of a millionaire would want, like “$50,000 gold-covered dinners” and a “daily antidepressant Dior bag.”



Soudi’s expectations seem almost impossible to believe. Receiving Dior bags and spa visits every day is hard to fathom for the average person. People seem to generally agree that Soudi is living an unbelievable life in the comments on her video.


“I wish I had this problem,” said one person. “And I’m over here stressing about my electricity bill,” wrote another.

The incredulity was not limited to Soudi’s expectations, though. One person commented, “I’m so glad I make my own money,” on the video with Jamal’s expectations. But others seemed to envy her relationship. 

“Give me one man like this,” said one TikTok user. Another commented, “And how did ya’ll meet … asking for a friend.”

Soudi’s expectations aren’t the only unbelievable things about her life.

Soudi’s life is indeed on another level. In a day in the life video, she shared some things she and Jamal would typically do when spending time together. The video started with a trip to a high-end coffee shop. “We love spending $200 on our coffee and croissants,” she said.


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Soudi joked that she was gifted with a shopping spree as a reward for behaving herself in the previous week. “I only spent $10,000 and not $20,000,” she shared. The video went on to show the couple shopping and dining at expensive establishments.

The comment section of the video showed a collective sense of shock. “When you’re [completely] disconnected from life…” one person wrote. “I can’t roll my eyes high enough,” said another. One TikTok user even asked, “Can your husband buy me an iPad?”


While we don’t know the particulars of Soudi and Jamal’s life, it is difficult to relate to such an extravagant lifestyle. It’s not surprising that many of us are unable to comprehend the life she is living. It’s also not surprising that we want to follow her on the adventures she goes on.

Whether it's our innate need to engage in comparison culture or a form of escapism, being engrossed in the lifestyles of the uber-rich is nothing new, and also nothing to feel bad about enjoying or critiquing. What is important to remember, however, is we are only getting a snippet of these highly edited and polished lives, not the nitty-gritty real parts.

Soudi may indulge in over-priced lattes and haute couture, but beneath jokes about "behaving" and "antidepressant" handbags might be a glimmer of truth that all that glitters isn't always gold.


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