A Happy Wife Proudly Shows Off Her ‘Handsome’ Husband Rusty & Explains How They ‘Do All The Things’ Together To Keep Their Love Alive

Long live Fely and Rusty's love!

Fely and Rusty Morrison @felymorrison75 / TikTok

Our society is often focused on life’s firsts as the most important parts of our existence: first dates, first kisses, first dances at a wedding. Yet so much of what makes a relationship last is actually based on consistency, in the daily, continuous actions we take to keep connected.

A happy wife showed off her beloved husband Rusty and explained that they ‘do all the things’ together to keep their love alive.

Fely Morrison has built up a major social media presence by documenting her daily life with her “handsome” husband, Rusty, offering inspiration to couples everywhere that love can continue to bloom, even as we grow older. Fely shares small slivers of her happy life with Rusty on her TikTok account, where she has over 35,000 followers.


In a recent post, Fely recorded a simple trip to the grocery store, as an example of how she and Rusty have kept their connection strong.

From the passenger seat of their car, Fely proclaimed, “We do everything together. We do shopping together, we go to the grocery [store] together. We sleep together and we eat together… and even shower time, we do together.”



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Rusty is a willing participant in Fely’s sweet, heartfelt TikTok posts, emphasizing just how much they do together to keep their love strong. They exchanged declarations of love on their drive to the store, proving the importance of recognizing and appreciating the small moments shared between them.

wife shows off husband and explains how they keep their love alivePhoto: Dalila Dalprat / Pexels 

“That’s how we love each other,” Fely exclaimed. “We do things together.”


She proudly noted how Rusty opened the car door for her, to which Rusty replied, “Yes, I open the door for my queen.”

Fely shared other moments of their life together, including a post of them preparing to go out to lunch, with Rusty decked out in a dashing sunshine yellow outfit, complete with a matching hat.



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The two giggled together as Fely recorded their outing, showing how it’s the simple joys that can keep a couple’s love strong. 

Fely and Rusty clearly share a very loving relationship with a solid foundation, built on mutual respect and complete appreciation.

They even captured the smaller moments of how love takes root, sharing their sweet yet simple dinner routine. As Fely filmed their dinner table, Rusty thanked her for going through the effort of cooking.



The message behind Fely’s posts celebrate the softer parts of love, the parts that are less showy, and more easily ignored, like grocery shopping, taking walks, and spending quiet quality time together.


The sweet couple also showed how taking moments to be silly together enhanced the strength of their relationship. Fely captured Rusty as they prepared for the Thanksgiving holiday, showing him standing in the aisle of a party store, bedecked in a truly stylish turkey hat.



“This is my husband, having a turkey,” she proudly proclaimed. “Hi Fely,” Rusty replied, laughing softly.

The next shot featured Rusty in a small, glittery crown, as Fely exclaimed, “That’s my husband! He’s a king! Look at him, he’s like a king!”


wife shows off husband and explains how they keep their love alivePhoto: Mikhail Nilov / Pexels 

"I love you, happy birthday,” her dear husband answered. The two laughed as they posed in their crowns, finding joy in even the most simple activities done together. 

In a world where it’s become easy to look for the next best romance, Fely and Rusty show the value of the comfort and delight that can be found in a long-term marriage. May we all find our own versions of the deep, abiding romance that Fely and Rusty share.


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