5 Tiny Ways You Change (For The Better) When You're In Love

Being in love comes with some physical benefits.

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Country music superstar George Strait made the song "You Look So Good In Love" famous. As we listened to his masterful and beautiful song, we asked ourselves: Do people in love look the same as those who are not? We concluded (based on our 32 years of research as love and marriage experts) that the answer is a resounding no. When people are falling in love, they start to change for the better. And though love is hard at times, being in love with someone is good for you. So, what do you look like when you are in love? Our research suggests the following.


Here are 5 tiny ways you change, for the better, when you're in love:

1. You're happier

When you're in love, you smile and laugh more. You feel happy with yourself, with your love interest, and with the world. Everything makes you grin from ear to ear. It turns out, that happy people in love report that "being happy" is the precursoally finding love. So, start practicing your happy face now! 

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2. You're more confident

When you're in love, you stand a little taller and carry yourself with an air of confidence. Make no mistake about it  — people in love feel good about themselves. You feel good in your skin. And even though you risk rejection, you feel good about accepting that possibility. Love is not always fair, but people in love accept this and they stand tall in the face of uncertainty anyway.




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3. You look better

That lit-up feeling you get on the inside is noticeable on the outside. You are noticeably prettier or more handsome when you are in love. Partly because you make an effort to look your best for the one you love — you select more flattering clothes, style your hair nicer, and so on. But also, the release of love chemicals in your body helps make your hair shinier and gives your skin a captivating glow.

4. You take more risks

Even though love is full of risks, people in love are healthier and more relaxed. Your worry lines seem to fade away. You're open to taking chances and willing to trust another human being. In the end, the chances you take by investing your trust in someone will pay dividends by giving you happiness.




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5. You're more affectionate

Well, aren't you the snugliest person ever suddenly? Yep, love will do that to you. When you are in love, you display affection more easily, hug often, and generally show more authentic caring for others (and not just for your love interest). Loving someone totally and unequivocally makes you a more loving person. There is no question about it: people in love are more loving and affectionate. And everyone around you is noticing (including that co-worker you just hugged). People in love "look so good in love" for many wonderful reasons. So smile, stand tall, and snuggle away — that easy-going happiness sure looks good on you.


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Dr. Charles and Dr. Elizabeth Schmitz are renowned love and marriage experts and multiple award-winning authors. Their best-selling book, Building A Love That Lasts, provides readers with insightful and practical tips from thousands of happily married couples.