18 Things Women Accept In Relationships That Men Would Never Tolerate

Why do women put up with this stuff when the men in their lives wouldn't stand for the same exact treatment?

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When it comes to relationships, women are so much more patient than men. They put up with more, they let more slide, and they realize that it isn’t always going to run perfectly smooth all the time. Women aren't perfect, we’re just a little more patient.

However, I’m not sure our male counterparts wouldn't stick around as long as women do with certain things, because when it comes to what men want in relationships, they can be sticklers.


18 Things Women Tend to Accept in Relationships That Men Would Never Tolerate

1. Being on the phone constantly.

Apparently, there is always something so mesmerizing on your device that you can’t even put it down while at dinner.

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2. Selective listening.

How many times do we have to repeat the same sentence because we can’t focus long enough to listen?

3. Extreme laziness or messiness.

We all have our moments, but never picking up after ourselves? Seriously? When the garbage can is three steps away and you still can’t put your trash away, there's a problem.


4. Expecting your other half to do all the housework.

Women work just as hard as you do all day, but we are expected to clean the entire house while you watch TV?

5. Not meeting each other halfway.

Have you ever heard of compromising? We both can’t always get what we want, yet we seem to be the ones to cave and give in.

6. Showing one-sided romance.

If there is anything romantic in this relationship, we know who is providing that. Small gestures are nice ways to show your partner that you appreciate everything they do for you, but it seems she’s the only one giving them.

7. Dealing with a cold.

You’re not on your death bed and you’re not a child. Take some medicine and a nap, and stop acting like you need catered room service.




8. Telling white lies.

Why do you feel the need to create stupid lies that would have saved you an argument if you just admitted what you did, instead of backpedaling your way out of it? That works zero percent of the time.

9. Double-booking.

It's frustrating when you have made plans, only to be told last minute that your partner planned something else. It's even worse when you've told your partner how important this event is.

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10. Not taking each other seriously.

When you brush things off and act like they aren’t important, even though they really were, it's exhausting.

11. Not showing affection.

Not liking PDA is okay, but not giving any affection isn't.

12. Always expecting to “receive” but never willing to reciprocate.

Don't be a jerk. Relationships are all about the give and take, not take and take.

13. Spending too much time apart.

Personal time is important, but letting days or even a week go without seeing one another sends a message that their absence doesn't bother you.

14. Waiting hours to respond to text messages.

If you're working, that's fine, but if you're scrolling through Facebook or Twitter, it's rude to make someone wait hours to hear back from you, especially if they're always quick to answer you.


15. Flipping an argument.

Instead of acknowledging you’re wrong in an argument, you flip it to make the other person look wrong. Why you can't just be an adult and admit when you're wrong? Instead, you slither your way out of it and spin the tale.

16. Not putting in the effort to make plans.

One person shouldn't be choosing what to do for date nights or where to go to dinner. You also shouldn't have to expect to do the same thing all the time unless you plan it yourself.

17. Never working on bad behavior.

Your partner doesn't work on behaviors that are annoying or have turned into bad habits. After hearing about it for the fifth, sixth, or seventh time, it gets old.


18. Having exaggerated bromances​.

We understand the importance of hanging with your guys because we need time with the girls, but that shouldn't always be your go-to excuse to get out of doing something.

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Audi Anderson is a graduate of the University of Iowa with a Bachelors's Degree in English.