16 Things Only People Who Got Married In Their 20s Will Understand

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By Laura Marie Meyers

Tying the knot at any age makes for a major life change, and when you combine that with the roller coaster years of your 20s, it makes for quite a unique ride. Part of what makes those post-school years so challenging is that it's typically the first time you and your friends veer off toward different life paths — and when your path is marriage, you set the stage for a big, brand-new chapter.

Here are 16 things only people who got married in their 20s will understand:

1. The painstaking push-pull between wanting to go out but also really wanting to stay in your pajamas and catch up on the DVR.

Beers at the bar vs. beers on the couch can be a tough battle.

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2. Striving to be an adult couple who cooks but regularly orders takeout like you did in college.

You tried to do Blue Apron. You really tried. You're just not a couple who cooks

3. The bliss of not having to be on Tinder but still hearing incredible Tinder stories from all your friends.

Nope, no weird dates for you.

4. How cool it is to have someone who will go out and get wild with you but also get you home safely.

The ultimate win-win.

5. What it’s like to love someone as they grow up and change, and realize that you can adore every version of them.

They're not the same person you first met — they're even better.

6. How surreal and hilarious it can be to figure out real adult-life things together.

See taxes, mortgages, new insurance plans, etc., etc.

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7. The very real struggle of navigating a constant flood of questions on if (and when) you’ll have kids.

"No comment."

8. How being married doesn’t mean you’re suddenly more mature.

Not even a little bit.

9. The art of never, ever letting someone feel like a third-wheel.

Harry never felt left out, you know?

10. How sometimes you just have to entertain yourselves at the bar while your single friends get after it.

You're pros.

11. The way that no matter how long you’ve been together, you’ll always picture them as the baby-faced person they were when you met.

Forever young in your eyes.

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12. Learning to be the couple that's not super couple-y in your group of friends.

You're just part of the gang, and you wouldn't have it any other way.

13. Getting all kinds of “Wow? You’re so young to get married!” comments — and knowing it’s the right decision.

Sometimes you just find "the one" early, you know?

14. The sense of commitment that comes from moving through the wild ride of your 20s together.

Because it's QUITE the wild ride.

15. How scary it can be to take that step when so many friends are in a different phase of their lives...

16. ...And how that fear slips away because you know you found "the one"

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Laura Marie Meyers is a freelance writer and former pop culture editor. For nearly a decade she covered books, trends, and entertainment at POPSUGAR

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