Study Says Women Suck At One Particular Aspect Of Online Dating

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It's not good to generalize, but if someone asked you which gender is most likely to not spell check his or her messages or dating profiles, which would you pick? I would definitely assume men. (Sorry!)

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First of all, many guys try to play it cool and let a few grammar mistakes slip by the kind of gives off that air.

Secondly, there has been that long-standing belief that women are better at language in general. Although that may not be true, women have been found to be more motivated to study languages and they find much more varied study methods to learn them.


But it looks like I'm wrong and men win this one. Ladies, you are seriously slacking in the grammar department while online dating and the reason is looking suspicious.

According to a new study, women suck at grammar in online dating.

Dating app, The Grade surveyed almost 3,000 of its users in the five boroughs of New York and learned that women send more inappropriate messages (messages that include grammar mistakes, slang, or sexually explicit content) than men.


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Men, don't get excited about the sexually explicit content part. Women's "inappropriate messages" have to do with grammar.

The Grade gives a grade to its users after they sign up based on the user's activity. The evaluation includes grammar that checks for basic grammar like knowing the difference between "there, they're, and their." It also includes the use of slang and acronyms like "lol."

The app also lowers your grade if you are not giving enough information in your profile. This sounds like the perfect dating app for people who are sticklers over grammar.

So why is this dating app finding that women are scoring lower? Are these legitimate mistakes?


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"I think women — especially in NYC — put on a tough exterior," sexuality psychologist, Amber Madison told DNAinfo. "I see slang and grammar issues as playing into the 'I don't give a sh*t, too busy for you' exterior a lot of NYC women want to project."

So it seems like women might feel the pressure to play cool. That's all well and good as long as you're still attracting A+ guys. But are they?

The app then was able to look at how each borough measured up. The survey included 1,118 people from Manhattan, 720 from Brooklyn, 306 in the Bronx, and 114 from Staten Island.

The app found that Manhattan daters came out on top with an A grade average, Brooklyn daters averaged to a C+, and Brooklyn sadly got a big, fat F.


Do you purposely mess up your grammar to play it cool? What do you think of the grades each borough received? 

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