The Strange Thing That Makes You More Attractive On A First Date

Good news! It's so simple.

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Attraction is a funny thing.

The qualities you think make someone the hottest thing on the planet might make your best friend give you some serious side-eye.

What makes one person attracted to another person can be so varied, and that's what makes it such an interesting subject—which is probably the reason why scientists and researchers are constantly doing different studies about it.

These studies usually give us some pretty obvious information (like research that says that a good personality ultimately makes you seem more appealing), but some of them introduce surprising new clues on what helps make others fall for us, and that's when things get interesting.


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Here's a perfect example: a 2014 PepsiCo survey found that recycling, which is something that seems very unsexy, can actually make you seem even sexier. According to Glamour, a research team polled more than 1,140 Americans over the age of 18 and found that recycling and showing concern about the environment can make you seem way more attractive. It almost sounds too easy! 


Out of everyone polled, 40 percent said they would think more highly of someone after finding out that they recycled. Only 25 percent said they would be more attracted to someone with a graduate degree, 18 percent said an impressive job would make someone seem more attractive, and only 8 percent were more into a hefty bank account.

Furthermore, 21 percent of the people said they would be turned off if they found out a first date didn't recycle at all, and 22 percent said they had expressed obvious disappointment when witnessing someone not recycling. In conclusion, two in five of the people surveyed were looking for a significant other who cares about the environment. 

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If you can't help but be surprised by these very non-superficial results, don't worry, you're probably not alone. It sometimes seems like society would rather have us believe that everyone out there is looking for someone with an amazing job and enough money to live a very comfortable life, but it's nice to be reminded that sometimes it's the little things that really matter.


Plus, when you think about it, this research really does make sense. If you care about the environment enough to go out of your way to recycle, you're showing that you're compassionate, kind, thoughtful, and respectful.

If you're the kind of person who blatantly doesn't care about where your empty plastic containers end up (especially with all of the environmental awareness out there), you come across as someone who doesn't consider how their actions affect others, which isn't exactly the most impressive personality trait in the world. 

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Will being diligent about your recycling bin help you find the person of your dreams? While it seems doubtful that you'll get asked out on a date the next time someone spots you recycling, it can't hurt your love life to let others know that you care about the world we all live in. As this study shows, compassion and respect can equal irresistible sexiness.


The greatest thing about this is that recycling is so simple, and you get to kill two birds with one stone: you can come off as more attractive, and you can do your part to save the world. Does it get any better than that?

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Jessica Booth is a writer who focuses on relationships, self-love, and celebrity news.