10 Really Dumb Things You Do On Your IPhone That Repel Men

Stop doing these silly things on your phone.

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We live in a busy world where people sleep with their phones, allow texting to steal context and replace actual expressions of feelings with emojis.

Dating apps have taken over to the point where the idea of using the phone for an actual phone call is enough to send a millennial into a full-blown panic attack.

So we have to ask: Is the way you're using your iPhone harming your chances for long-term love or even putting you in danger? 


Here are 10 really dumb things you do on your iPhone that repel good men:

1. You send naked pics

Yes, girl, you're sexy and you know it. But it's not smart to share your bare bum, even if you did wake up like that.

Not only can the recipient share photographic evidence of your intimate moments, but most apps also have a fine print, which means using them to send photos of you without your panties hands over ownership. We're thinking some tech guy having access to your goods isn't exactly what you had in mind.


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2. You don't use your own Uber

It's sweet when a guy offers to send you home in a car post-date, but unless you want him to know where you live, it's not a good idea. Better to take a cab or order your own car until you know him well enough to feel safe.

3. You don't adopt a "no d*ck pic" policy

Look, it's great that there are so many men with member pride, and we ladies can appreciate the beauty of a naked man, but are d*ck pics from a stranger really sexy? We think not.

In fact, they're pretty much sign number one that you're dealing with a disrespectful d-bag. He may be sexy and funny, but in the end, he's a dude doing the same things creepy dudes in parks get arrested for.


4. You strictly text — but never call

Thanks to a slew of dating apps and a fear of using the phone for actual telephone calls, we live in a world that's all text and no tone. Texting without talking also leaves loads of room for miscommunication.

Bottom line: If you've been texting a man for two weeks and haven't seen the guy, you're iPhone pen pals. Save your data for those who want to give you actual face time.

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5. You go a little text-crazy

I'm a well-known text assassin, and while my friends have looked past it, some guys have no doubt found it overwhelming. It's easy to get so caught up in conversation that you just spill over, but it's best not to drown the other party in a dozen bubbles.


6. You let your friends respond on your behalf

If you're talking to someone, don't they have a right to get to know the real you instead of a combination of four very different personalities?

7. You literally never put your phone down

When out with friends or in the world, engage those around you, and don't use having two martinis as an excuse to dance on your keyboard. You're a grown woman in control, and if you're not, make arrangements before you start sipping.

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8. You send screenshots of your text convo to your friends

Do you know how you take screenshots of exchanges and ask your friends to analyze them or simply laugh at them? Guys do that as well. Translation: Until you really know who you're communicating with, it's best not to type anything you wouldn't want to be shared with strangers.


9. You use Instagram to passive-aggressively "speak" to your ex

Quotes, songs, a dozen post-break-up bikini shots, and random passive-aggressive rants only make you look sad (and not in a way that involves tears).

10. You don't set sexting boundaries

We sometimes allow people to get away with disrespectful behavior because it's followed by a "lol" or a winky face, but think about how that would look and feel in real life. If someone says or does something that makes you uncomfortable, it's your responsibility to say so.

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Brenda Della Casa is the author of Cinderella Was a Liar, former managing editor of Preston Bailey, a Huffington Post Blogger, and a contributor for Divalicous.