10 Pick-Up Artist Techniques Women Should Use To Get Men

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It's true. I used to be a member of the pickup community, and I actually used to teach guys how to talk to women.

For what it's worth, pickup can be a tool that's used for good, assuming you're using good pickup skills with good intentions.

Though some pickup artist techniques are definitely not worth trying regardless of what gender you are, some can make your dating life a lot more successful.

Here are 10 techniques that pick-up artists use that women can use for some serious dating success:

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1. Think of sex as a numbers game

One thing that pickup really reinforces is the idea of sex being a numbers game. If you keep asking, statistically speaking, someone will have to say "Yes." If you get rejected by a guy, just go on to the next one. Doing so will help you get over rejection quicker and also help you develop a "thicker skin." Besides, you never know what may happen if he sees you don't give a f*ck about him rejecting you.

2. Memorize a few "openers"

Pickup artists actually will learn and memorize "openers" that are supposed to spark a conversation with a girl. This is actually a pretty smart way to get people talking to you, even if you just want to meet new friends. If you want to network or just meet new people, memorize one or two natural-sounding lines.

3. Make your intentions clear

There's nothing in a pickup that doesn't say you shouldn't make your interest known. Simply going up to guys, smiling, and saying, "You're cute. We should do something. Give me your number" can work wonders. As long as you don't appear desperate while doing so, it can work.

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4. Use flirtatious touching

Kino escalation is also known as flirtatiously touching someone to build up trust or indicate interest. Sometimes, guys just need a hand on the leg before they realize you want them. Go figure, it works.

5. Qualify them

People don't like doormats. They don't like people who have a chronic "yes" in their mouth. So, if you want to make guys feel like you're a challenge, disagree on a few points they make. Moreover, standing up for yourself if they get too cute on you can also make them want you more. See them start to work to validate your opinions and you can rest assured you've got a good chance with them.

6. Use the "7-hour rule"

Pick-up artists actually tell people to avoid having sex with a person before spending at least 7 hours with that person. The reason why is that it builds up a bond and also lets you screen them for "crazy." I approve of this method because it prevents you from sleeping with someone you shouldn't be near.

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7. Reward good behavior

People are incredibly malleable when it comes to teaching them how to treat you. By rewarding good behavior, you're way more likely to get people to treat you better every time they see you. Similarly, pulling back when they do something stupid can help them learn that there are consequences.

8. Give peacocking a try

This technique was made famous by self-described master pick-up artist Mystery, and you know what? I'm a fan of it. When you're peacocking, you're dressing up in a way that sets you apart from the average person. This naturally gets attention to you and that is something that helps with finding sex and relationships.

9. Never stop with your own self-improvement

Ninety percent of the things that make you unattractive to men can be changed with some self-improvement. You can get a better career, a better body, and a better look. Nothing's stopping you from doing that.

10. Don't overdo it

Here's something that most people don't get about pickup: You can't successfully pick up people if you're infamous for talking to everyone with a dick or a vagina for sex. So, your best bet is to talk to a maximum of 5 people per venue, per night. You want that person to see you as choosy, not desperate. After all, you don't want to be someone's last bet, right?

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