If Your Partner Does These 5 Things, They Have A Secure Attachment Style

Our attachment styles aren't dictated in stone.

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Attachment styles are rooted in our families of origin: The ways our primary caregivers related to us in childhood have a direct correlation with how we relate to people when we enter adulthood.

Part of being in a partnership means looking inward and noticing how your own patterns of behavior play out and how they interact with your partner’s patterns.

If your partner does these 5 things, they have a secure attachment style:

1. They listen

Psychologist Dr. Nicole LePera offered an example of communication between partners with secure attachment styles, highlighting the value of processing emotions together.

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When tempers are running high, it can be hard to take a step back and really, truly hear what your partner is saying.


A person with a secure attachment style knows that disagreeing doesn’t automatically lead to breaking up. Instead of going into fight, flight, or freeze mode, they stay calm. They’re able to listen and process what you’re saying without making the conflict about them.

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2. They don’t react defensively

Someone with an insecure attachment style is more likely to get defensive when the going gets tough. Instead of holding space for your emotions, they flip the conversation around so that their feelings are centered, instead of yours.

But when your partner has a secure attachment style, they remain open and vulnerable and recognize how you feel. 


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They don’t make themselves the victim of the situation. Instead, they’re comfortable with discomfort because they know that making a mistake doesn't make them a bad person.

3. They take accountability

Taking accountability requires a person to acknowledge that they’ve caused harm to someone else, even someone they love.


Relationships need emotional and practical labor in order to survive. True accountability goes beyond seeing what the problem is. It involves holding yourself responsible for your behavior and being willing to make real change.

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4. They’re willing to work through issues

Being in partnership with another person means that there will inevitably be some form of conflict. After all, we’re all human, and we’re bound to make mistakes that hurt.

Instead of ignoring a tense situation, using the silent treatment, or screaming, a person with secure attachment will sit with you and have an actual conversation about what went down.

They go beyond just saying they’re sorry. They strategize ways to make sure whatever harm they caused won’t happen again.


When you’re in a relationship rooted in secure attachment, you know that your bond is strong enough to withstand a storm because you know that neither individual will run away when the challenges come your way.

5. They communicate their feelings and needs

Having secure attachment in a relationship means that you maintain open and honest communication at all times. While every person processes their emotions differently, it’s important to continue having conversations with one another, instead of shutting down.

A partner with secure attachment doesn’t expect you to be a mind-reader. They know that they have to tell you what they want and how they want you to show up for them, in order for you to do so.

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So much of having a secure attachment style requires deep inner work, like understanding and setting boundaries for yourself and doing whatever healing necessary to feel like you’re worthy of love.

While our attachment styles are molded by our families of origin, we don’t have to stay stuck in an insecure attachment style, especially if it doesn’t serve us. 

Humans are capable of incredible insight and change, including the way we relate to ourselves and the people we love. 

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