Once You Can Do These 3 Things, You'll Finally Find Your True Companion

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By Maleeka Hollaway

The law of attraction is real. What you think about, you bring about. And you only get what you prepare to receive.

What is the law of attraction?

One of the most popular Universal Laws, the law of attraction posits that your thoughts dictate your experience. When you operate from a space of apprehension, doubt, or fearfulness because of past negative events or present anxieties, you don’t leave space for good things to surround you.

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To no fault of your own, the way in which you think about love, relationships, and the possibility of being blissfully happy with another human being must be transformed. Even though you may have been dealt a bad hand in love before, there are ways you can prevent history from repeating itself.

Companionship is necessary and one of the critical needs every living thing possesses. If you want to find the soulmate you've always dreamed you’d have, try these three things.

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Once you can do these 3 things, you'll finally find your true companion:

1. Change your perspective

Now, this may seem simple or even cliché but consider the idea that it may be a hidden truth. One of the biggest recurring relationship issues is the idea that people often try to change the things they dislike about their mates instead of changing their perspectives.

Perspective is everything when it comes to matters of the heart. You have to consider that your view of yourself and your life is only seen through your own lens and someone else may interpret it differently than you do. How you see yourself and how you see your ideal partner matters because sometimes what you see on the surface is only a piece of the bigger picture.

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2. Learn to be self-aware

Being self-aware is more than just knowing what you like and dislike. Self-awareness is knowing and accepting how you show up in the world, and the impact you have on yourself and others as well as being able to make adjustments within yourself when necessary.

Being self-aware means you use your present convictions to forecast and act upon your future. When you know who you are and who you are not, you’ll learn who and what you can allow into your space.

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3. Go for what and who you want

Life is full of choices, so you never have to settle. Not only do you have the option to allow the person you desire to enter your life, but you also have the option of being satisfied with your own company.

If you are in a place in your life where you want to focus on doing the things you love while getting in touch with the real you, be okay with that. Don’t allow society to dictate your desires.

Now, if you believe and know you are ready to test the waters and date, go for it! But go for the things that really matter. Looks fade. Personality can change. But character is consistent. Don’t settle for someone whose character won’t complement your life (and yours to complement theirs).

Dating or being in a relationship doesn’t have to be complicated and it won’t be when you know what you want. Take the pressure to perform and put the focus on being the person you were meant to be. When you do this, you open up the portal for your ideal mate to step in and rock your world.

However, you get the option to choose when it happens by prepping yourself to receive it. What will you decide?

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Maleeka Hollaway is a best-selling author, serial entrepreneur, and writer.