How To Meet Someone & Fall In Love When You're Traveling

Love shows up in the most unexpected places.

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Whether you are planning a day trip somewhere local or venturing off to exciting new locales around the globe, finding love while traveling is a fun and thrilling possibility.

Of course, don't ruin your trip by obsessing about finding "the one" instead of enjoying the amazing place you visit, but DO keep your mind and heart open to romance.

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Here's how to meet someone & fall in love when you're traveling.

1. Shrug off negative opinions about your destination

For example, "There are no single people my age in Florida." Or, "All men in Europe are jerks." Nonsense, there are wonderful single people nearly everywhere.

Maybe you won't meet anyone, but maybe you will. Clear your mind of negative expectations. Traveling is a great way to form positive opinions based on experience. So don't let a friend's previous experience somewhere cloud your own.

2. Hand a "calling card" to interesting people you meet.

When you meet someone and give out your card, practice saying, "I'm embarking on a new chapter in my life. I'm single and looking for someone wonderful. In case you know someone you think might like to meet me, I hope you'll keep me in mind."


3. Ask people to introduce you to their friends.

Try telling a great married person you know, "You're such a nice person. I'm looking for someone as nice as you are." Of course, this is better said when their spouse is present. Tell them, "Your partner is so warm and smart. I'm looking for a great partner of my own. If you two know someone like that who might like me, I'd love an introduction."

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4. When out and about, split off from your friends for a little while.

Don't venture off somewhere unsafe, of course, but start practicing being on your own. Go for a stroll. Or, stop for a bit in a cafe. You only need to know and say one word: "Hello." Let the following sentence flow organically. Practice saying "Hello" to everyone you meet.

5. As soon as you arrive at your destination, check out the local calendar.

Look for opportunities to hike, bike, visit a museum, attend a concert, hang on the beach, attend a fair, and more. Every new place you go offers a chance to meet new people and provides you with a great topic to discuss right out of the gate.


6. Set a goal to meet at least one new person per day, even if only for a few seconds.

Maybe you'd enjoy watching a golf tournament if there is one — lots of people are there, and if there's an Apple store, that's a favorite hangout for singles of all ages.

Here's a fun example: A client was at her dentist's office when she noticed and commented on a nice photo of a gentleman on the bulletin board behind the receptionist's desk. The receptionist explained it was her Dad, and her Mom had passed away a few years ago unexpectedly.

The receptionist thought for a moment, then commented that her Dad might like to meet this client, and the rest is history ...

Bottom line: You're making your history! Strike up friendly conversations wherever you can. You never know where it might lead.


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7. Always keep a good book or magazine under your arm.

Whether standing in line, commuting, or sitting at a table, it's amazing how often people comment on what you are reading. You can enjoy commenting on others' reading choices, as well.)

8. Offer to help if you see someone looking at a map.

Know the area? Maybe you're great with maps. If you see someone who appears lost, offer to help. Strike up a conversation and give them a few tips on what to see along their way. It's a wonderful way to strike up a conversation.


Using these empowering tips, you soon become your very own matchmaker! Safe travels!

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Peggy Wolman is a coach and matchmaker, and her husband Dr. Richard Wolman is a Harvard psychologist and author of Thinking With Your Soul, together they help singles of all ages find (and keep) true love.