How To Test Your Intuition When Something About A Guy Just Feels Off

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You have a date tonight — a guy from Tinder you've been seeing for some time now. On your screen, he seems perfect, but you wonder if he really is. 

The thought occurs to you that you could always search for him on the web. A quick investigation reveals his social media profiles, and again, he looks too good to be true. Still, there's something about him that makes you curious about his past. If only there were a way that you could learn everything available online about him. 

You can. Just use a website called TruthFinder.

I've been there. It's not always easy to meet potential new partners, but online dating has made it easier. Maybe you’re be dating a guy that seems almost too perfect, but something always feels off when you’re together.

TruthFinder is the best place to let your curiosity roam wild. It might even save your life.

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TruthFinder uncovers real data from court dockets, police reports, and criminal records. This data can reveal shocking arrest histories. Maybe the guy you’re dating is squeaky-clean — or maybe he was previously arrested for assault. Listen to your gut.

With TruthFinder, a powerful online tool that allows you to look up criminal records, phone numbers, aliases, email addresses, home addresses, and Dark Web data, anything is possible. Using just a person's first and last name, you can easily find their real birthdate, home address, and any other personal information that is available online.

Satisfy Your Curiosity

Every day, people use the internet to find more information on the people in their lives. While it can be tempting to stop after the first page of search results, partially satisfied by incomplete information about the person, you're never getting the whole truth about them. 

Using TruthFinder, you can find things that people never realized were a part of their public record, like that embarrassing blog someone started in middle school or all of their old speeding tickets. You can also discover things like:

  • Any phone numbers or email addresses
  • Address history
  • Job history
  • Their alma mater and dates of graduation
  • Social media profiles
  • Criminal records and traffic violations
  • Bankruptcy
  • Evictions

If it's a part of public records — local, state, or federal data — or posted on the internet, it's available to you with just a quick search.

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You'll Be Surprised By What You Can Learn

Still not sure if you should give in to your curiosity? Check out these TruthFinder reviews from people that used the service to uncover more information about their friends, family, and significant others:

Chyloe K.:  "I love this site!!!! I've been trying so hard to find out all of the sites my husband is and has been on. If anyone wants to find out the greatest information ever, don't look any further!”

Richard B.: “Your service is more than perfect, it is a blessing. Thank you for the very hard work that you do.”

Trina K.: “Awesome source of information for women to check out guys that seem to be liars and players!! Thank you so very much!!!”

Do You Really Trust The People Around You?

In this digital age, you never know what people are hiding. TruthFinder is designed to help you stay safe online, searching through hundreds of millions of public records within a few minutes. 

With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can find detailed and sensitive information about those around you. It only takes a few minutes to verify that someone is credible and reliable — or not who they say they are. I refuse to be fooled again by someone that is charismatic and charming but hiding a scary past.

As a Truthfinder member, you will have unlimited access to background reports. You can check as many records as you want — which can be handy when you're dating online. That's why I recommend it to anyone that might have a hunch that someone isn't who they say they are.

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Created in partnership with TruthFinder. TruthFinder is one of America’s most popular background checking services.