Couples With These 8 Traits Have The Most Coveted Relationships

Both of you should have these traits to have the best possible chance at a successful relationship.

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Every couple wants to know how to have a good relationship. Here are some simple tools you can use to improve your relationship with your partner. Because who doesn’t want a better love life? Just follow these eight Cs in your relationship and you will soon see positive changes.

Couples with these 8 traits have most coveted relationships:

1. Care

Showing your partner that you care is as simple as opening a door or cooking a meal, but you also have to verbalize it. Some people never say the three little words and that’s hard on your mate, so find a way to let your loved one know you care. Be there a little more and create a random act of kindness. It doesn’t take much.




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2. Consideration

Some may think of it as care on steroids. Being considerate means that you go out of your way to make your other half feel that he or she is loved. And when you go out of your way, your actions will speak louder than words.


3. Communication

A willingness and desire for communication is paramount to any successful relationship. Given that we have so many ways to communicate in our techno world, there is no excuse for not talking it out with your partner. Voices are better than texts, but take what you can get. If you are tweaked about something, get it out on the table.

4. Compromise

An ability to reach a compromise is such a valuable tool in your relationship. If you go in thinking you need to have it all your way, nothing will please you. By working toward a compromise, you will keep tempers from rising, and while you may not get all that you want, you’ll get what you need. And that’s the way it should be.



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5. Confidence

We need to know that our relationship is safe and that our partner loves us. This is in our DNA. Without a sense of belonging, you cannot grow and prosper, and your desires will always be elusive. Threatening your relationship when you are arguing is unfair. Instead, show confidence in what you have. Realize that you can disagree without being disagreeable.

6. Comfort

It is easier than you think to make your partner feel uncomfortable and sometimes we do it unknowingly. If you’re a little upset and you carry that around with you, it will come out in your tone, attitude, and actions, and it will make your loved one uncomfortable. Stop punishing each other and express your love instead. Do all that you can to give each other a comfortable life. Time is too precious to waste feeling bad because your other half is mad at you.

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7. Cherishing

To feel cherished, that you are the most important person in your mate’s life, will keep the two of you close because you are valued and validated by each other. Knowing that your partner thinks the world of you can give you tremendous strength.


8. Cheerleading

Having a good cheerleader by your side when the chips are down or gone can help you deal with any problem and get back on your feet. Life is easier when your partner lifts you and tells you that you can reach your goals, and you are much more likely to have a better relationship because you feel you deserve it. If any of these qualities are missing from your relationship, work on adding or restoring them. Employ these simple ideas and your love life will be much more fulfilling.

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Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D., is a psychotherapist, syndicated columnist, keynote speaker, and most recently the author of Emotional Fitness for Couples.