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The ‘Bird Test’ Can Tell You If A Relationship With Someone You Care About Will Ever Be Successful

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From online quizzes to TikTok trends, people use all types of tests on their significant others to assess compatibility. Recently, one TikTok trend declared that if you and your partner's birthday moons line up together, you have found your soulmate.

However, a new form of testing has been trending on TikTok. The "Bird Test" is used to see if you and your significant other will last a long time together.

Use the ‘Bird Test’ on your significant other to determine the longevity of your relationship.

In a viral video, Lyss (@alyssacardib) shares with her viewers what the "bird test" is all about. Using her own experience as an example, she reveals how she tested her “newer friend” with the "bird test."



“I live and die by the [expletive] bird test”, she says, “It never fails.”

The test is mostly used during a romantic relationship, but Lyss says she uses it on any new friendship she makes, family members she has, or really anyone new she comes across.

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How do you perform the Bird Test on your partner?

There doesn't actually have to be a bird for this test to work. You can use anything insignificant, such as a bird, to get your partner's attention. As an example, Lyss sees a woodpecker outside and tells her friend, “There is a woodpecker on that tree!”

If your partner, friend or family member decides to go look at the insignificant object or living thing you are referring to, congratulations! They have passed the test. In the case of Lyss' friend, she passed. She was intrigued by the bird and started looking up random facts about woodpeckers.

However, if your partner or friend dismisses you, does nothing, or says things such as, “Who cares,” or, “It's just a bird," that is a sign that you are in the wrong relationship and it won't last long. 

Remember: it's not about the bird — it's about determining if they are interested in what you are talking about.

Michelle Young, a television personality and star as a former Bachelorette, did the "Bird test" on her boyfriend and recorded the test in action.



“There’s a cardinal,” she says as her boyfriend walks in. Even though there was no cardinal, he was intrigued by what she was talking about.

“Where?” her boyfriend asks. Just like that, he passed.

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Does the Bird Test actually work?

Lyss claims that it does because she is "still very close" with her new friend whom she tested. However, you have to be very cautious about how you use this form of testing because lying is not a healthy way to start a new relationship.

RadioU cautions people about using this test when starting out with someone new.

“I think you have to be careful how you use it,” they say, “it has to be significant… if you say woodpecker and it is not there, that can kind of really kill." If you are just starting a relationship with someone new, you want to be aware of using this method. 

So, when is the right time to use the "bird test"? There's no right or wrong time, actually. You can do this test as early as you want, and no relationship is too far along to test.

While people have been using this test to determine if their relationships are built to last, remember that it is up to you to decide if you want to listen to the ‘bird test’ results. 

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