6 Myths About Dating A Career-Focused Guy

Love: Myths About Dating A Guy With A Successful Career

When did professional men get such a bad rap? Despite relative success, professional accolades, and the benefits of membership into a higher tax bracket, it seems there are a number of myths circulating that misrepresent the diverse makeup of men who wear suits, kick butt, and take names in their careers. Viewed as obsessed, self-aggrandizing workaholics who are only capable of eating, thinking, and breathing work, many professional men actually pride themselves on their versatility and are far more complex than some myths would suggest. While success is a never ending pursuit for these suitcase wielding warriors, many professional men realize the importance of a diverse life outside of work.

So what exactly are these myths? Is it possible for a man who enjoys a rewarding career to also be capable of excelling in other areas? Let’s unpack this and debunk the 6 most prevalent myths about professional men.

1. They're controlling.
Generally, it takes a very strong personality type to succeed in business. The myth about the overbearing, always controlling professional man may be exacerbated by the contingent of men who’ve had difficulty relinquishing control in other areas of their lives. Particularly in their relationships with women. Enduring the sometimes overwhelming corporate bureaucracy, the long hours, and developing the need to "control" every detail of their professional lives has proven difficult for some men to turn off.  Many women fear that all professional men are incapable of compromise and are equally incapable of building fruitful relationships as a result. Though it might take a conscious effort for some, there are plenty of professional men who know how to share the load. They don't have to have it all their way. The only thing many professional men feel strongly about controlling is the grill during cookouts.

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