Photo Editing & Graphic Design Internship

To Apply: Email your resume and portfolio to Subject line should be "Photo Editing & Graphic Design Internship".

The photo editing / design intern works closely with YourTango's full-time designer and editorial team, learning the ins and outs of the online publishing business, pitching design ideas, and creating images for publication on the website and our various distribution platforms.

YourTango provides an inclusive and empowering culture, where interns work one-on-one with experienced designers and editors who carefully teach and encourage them to participate and contribute to the team -- a high percentage of interns grow with the team following their internship terms and take on lasting positions with the company.

This internship is fully remote.

Typical Intern Tasks:

  • Use Shutterstock to find and download lifestyle images for articles.
  • Edit and crop images to specific sizes for published content and social media, upload to YourTango's CMS.
  • Manipulate and design composite images for onsite image headers, infographics, thumbnails, etc.
  • Design and upload Pinterest pins, board covers, infographics, ads, quote images, etc. for various articles and social media channels.
  • Create & design Instagram story slides and grid posts each day/week.
  • Create and pitch new designs and templates to team weekly/monthly.

Our Ideal Candidate:

  • Has excellent design and photo-editing skills with the capability to produce fast, clean images for publication.
  • Has the ability to create multiple quality graphics/images per week and follow specific instructions and feedback provided by designers and editors.
  • Is pursuing a degree (or previously obtained one) in graphic design, photojournalism, art, advertising, marketing, magazine journalism, public relations, or a related field. 
  • Has top-of-the-line organizational skills and the ability to maintain quick, concise communication over email and Slack.
  • Is able to multitask in a fast-paced online environment and consistently meet (or beat) strict deadlines.
  • Is self-driven, enthusiastic, and undeniably reliable. 


  • Must have access to and experience in Photoshop (Indesign / Illustrator is a plus).
  • Access to your own computer and reliable internet connection (YourTango does not provide a laptop computer for this position).
  • Experience with Canva or other online editing apps is helpful.
  • Knowledge of current design trends, typography, and styles.
  • Ability to communicate consistently throughout your scheduled shifts with supervising editor in real-time via email, chat, voice calls, and video conference calls.
  • Availability to work a set weekly schedule (20 hours per week) for 4 consecutive months, during weekdays and normal business hours. (Schedule to be approved before the internship begins). NOTE: Like in a regular in-office setting, when you're online during your shift, you'll be interacting via email and available at a moment's notice during your scheduled times, actively designing throughout your pre-determined scheduled hours - so please make sure that you are able to be fully available during the 20 hour schedule you decide on before applying for the internship (hours cannot interfere with class time).

Learning Objectives, Supervision & Feedback:

  • Interns are placed to work under an experienced designer who will supervise them and provide regular feedback throughout the entirety of the internship. Supervisors (professionals with expertise and educational background in the publishing field) will provide routine feedback through the internship, and - if required by the school - can complete mid-semester or end-of-semester evaluations of the intern (must be requested by the school at the beginning of the internship period).
  • Interns will acquire a variety of real-world skills they can take into their future careers. Some of these learned skills include strong graphic design and photo-editing skills, interpersonal communication skills in a professional remote/virtual setting, making strict deadlines, researching, and marketing skills.
  • Interns will be working one-on-one with a seasoned designer to pitch designs and create custom images and infographics for publication (with bylines) that can be included in their portfolio. Interns will be able to network with the rest of the team (and various departments) throughout their time with YourTango. The published images are tracked regularly by interns' supervisor to be used (in conjunction with a variety of other metrics) to evaluate the intern's performance.

Eligibility, Pay & Stipend:

  • Intern must be located within the continental U.S. throughout the duration of the internship. 
  • A $1500 stipend to be paid upon completion of the 4-month internship via invoice, paper check/EBT. Hourly pay is not available for this internship.
  • This internship adheres to the Fair Labor Standards Act and the standards set by the U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division. 
  • Interns may receive college credit for their internship.

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Interested in applying? Email your resume and portfolio to Subject line should be "Photo Editing & Graphic Design Internship".

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