Newsletter Director

Dear YourTango’s Newsletter Director,

Wow. What an incredible 18 months we just had. Under your leadership, YourTango’s newsletter base grew from 750,000 subscribers to 5 million highly-engaged super fans. Not to mention the incredible growth of our push and SMS programs. 

As the #1 publisher focused on relationships, our mission is to foster relational wellness in society. We seek to revolutionize relationships of all stripes - with our spouses, kids, friends and family, co-workers, and, most critically, with ourselves. As our newsletter honcho, you helped us deliver our compassionate, empathic, wise, and non-judgmental editorial to an audience desperate for depth and growth. You have helped foster emotional engagement and relatability with our audience, with the ultimate goal of motivating meaningful, positive change in millions of lives. 

Whether it was creating a multitude of honest, thoughtful (and clickable) subject lines, redesigning our inbox user experience, spinning off new verticals, working with the editorial team to build even more great material for our users to devour, collaborating with sales on integrated programs and directing our developers on truly perfecting our fans’ experience, your indefatigable approach has been an inspiring spectacle for the entire company. 

When reflecting on your addition to the team, I am incredibly amped - if people still say “amped” - by your expertise, wealth of industry knowledge and contacts, and unbelievable heart. And I truly hope that working at YourTango has been as rich and deeply rewarding an experience for you as it has been for me (and the other members of the team who count this as the best job they have ever had!).

With respect to our newsletter and direct audience marketing, we’ve laid an incredibly valuable foundation but you led an incredible team that pushed it over the top. 

As Newsletter Director, you turbocharged our growth through primarily direct channels with your first-hand experience managing and building an editorial-led email newsletter program, as well as familiarity with push and SMS channels. 

Beyond your keen editorial instincts, your additional skills include expertise with both organic and paid acquisition models as well as SalesForce Marketing Cloud. You’ve owned automation and segmentation workflows; partnered with internal creator talent to make compelling and personalized newsletter experiences; and reported on your amazing success using analytics tools including, Google Analytics and others.

While this role did not formally exist before you, it largely encompasses:

  • Focus on great content, copy and design built via partnership with editorial, art and tech teams to create unique and compelling experiences that engage our existing audience and attract new superfans to the brand
  • Master our ESP’s templating, drip, personalization, re-engagement and pop-up tools
  • Define KPI and develop daily, weekly & monthly reporting based on success metrics
  • Relentlessly A/B test headlines, subjects, design and personalization 
  • Manage and report on newsletter monetization
  • Leverage analytics and partnered tech tools to deeply understand traffic and user behavior
  • Educate the broader organization on direct audience development strategy
  • Partner with Editorial, Sales, Marketing and Partnerships teams on key initiatives

Before joining our team, you had (and have!): 

  • 7+ years experience managing direct channels within a content-first environment 
  • Proven track record across all facets of newsletter optimization and monetization 
  • Facility with, Google Analytics and SalesForce Marketing Cloud
  • Experience collaborating across editorial, advertising, tech, social, video and design teams
  • Excellent organizational and reporting skills and a “more is more” communication style
  • A deep-seated curiosity for how to improve workflows
  • An incredible affinity for relationships, self-development and wellness, first and foremost, as well as pop culture, a respect for horoscope and tarot, a deep desire to help people tell their stories, and a great love for aiding others connect more meaningfully with everyone in their lives.

More than anything, as a successful teammate you rejected what wasn’t working and constantly iterated on what was. We have created an extraordinary foundation and you are the superstar who has helped us hit an inflection point - beyond traditional monetized web traffic and into targeted newsletters, podcasts, subscription offerings, interactive digital experiences, virtual summits and IRL events, just to name a few. We’re very glad to have you as a crucial member of our leadership team and really looking forward to the even greater future ahead of us. 

In addition to having what I hope is a very fulfilling experience, the compensation package for this role includes:

  • Competitive salary and opportunity for performance/bonus payments
  • 401K participation
  • Paid vacation, holidays and personal/sick days
  • 50% Paid premiums for health insurance
  • Stock Options in Tango Publishing
  • Considerable room for professional growth and development
  • The opportunity to put your signature on a high growth, purpose-driven and successful publishing brand
  • An AMAZING work environment, including a collegial, caring, empowering and stimulating corporate culture

I am so glad to know you and appreciative of the wild, extraordinary growth we accomplished together!  


Andrea Miller - CEO & Founder

If you're a candiddate - or know one! - please reach out to Michael Capiraso with cover letter, resume and salary requirements. 

Ps: YourTango’s team has operated very successfully as a virtual workplace for many years - well before the Pandemic began. We are a close-knit group of professionals that get a ton done working from our homes! We are also a collection of parents, daughters and sons, friends and family members who have serious career ambitions but who also have responsibilities to other people (and pets!) in our lives and so we are happy to offer a reasonable amount of flexibility in our team’s schedules.

There is SO MUCH more to share on YourTango but here are a few more salient highlights!

Purpose-driven and profitable, YourTango has reached an amazing inflection point and is poised for take off. Our history as a truly independent (plus female founded AND led) media company has defied the odds at every step of our incredible journey. Here are a few highlights:

  • Organically scaling our traffic to ~10mm people per month (uvpm per GA) - When you include our presence on MSN, SmartNews, Apple News and our social channels, we reach nearly 30mm people with our compelling stories and expert advice every month!
  • Building our newsletter base to more than 600,000 subscribers, with another quarter million push notification recipients. These numbers are very good but you’re here to add a significant multiplier to them. 
  • Maintaining profitability for the majority of the past six years - including many years with very substantial margins. 
  • Pioneering a B2B membership platform called YourTango Experts that caters to healing professionals - from psychotherapists to Reiki Masters to estate planners. Especially in light of the mental and emotional health difficulties facing our society, YourTango is doing the important work of supporting the healers and helpers on the front lines of this crisis. 
  • Assembling an incredible foundation (one that features a vast content archive, technical superiority, tremendous distribution, etc, around themes of vital importance and value) that is poised to have monumental value unlocked - including with video, commerce, thought leadership, increased user engagement, scaling our YTE platform, initiating a series of events, launching a podcast, building significant brand awareness and so much more.
  • Establishing a unique, profoundly impactful media brand that is making a positive impact in the world! YourTango opens readers’ hearts, builds relationships, and ignites positive change in millions of lives through compelling, actionable editorial. More on our mission here
  • Last but not least, cultivating a team of professionals that care deeply about our work and each other. As a result, we have developed an empowering, caring culture replete with curiosity, purpose, problem-solving, appreciation, ownership, initiative, and more, where each of us regularly goes the extra mile - not because it’s mandated but because we care deeply about what we have built, our team, and how we are positively impacting the world around us. It’s profoundly gratifying to have worked with so many of these people the better part of the decade (& some much longer!) and to consider them close friends and partners.