Here's The #1 Secret To Keeping The Spark Alive!

We've all been there before. After being married for four years, the tension can start to run high. Whether it's because the honeymoon phase is pretty much over and we're finally settling into the married life, the little things he does that was once endearing suddenly becomes super frustrating. Nowadays, it seems like there's no time (or desire) for us to really be intimate with our partner and the arguments just come in waves. Hitting a rouch patch in a marriage can be really scary, especially when thinking about all of the research that shows that couples tend to call it quits around this time. Who's to say that we'll come out of this stronger than before? How do we even end this cycle, anyway?

When YourTango Founder/CEO Andrea Miller, Anthropologist and Human Behavior Researcher Helen Fisher, Licensed Clinical Social Worker Carole Spivack and Psychologists Barbara Holstein and Bobbi Palmer discuss the reasons why relationships tend to get stale after a few years, we couldn't agree more. While most researchers believe in the seven year itch and that relationships go downhill after they hit this mark, Helen Fisher actually found that it can start as early as four years! This just proves that nourishing that initial spark that drew us to our soulmate is incredibly important.