How Long Should I Wait Before Having Sex?

Is there a standard rule on how many dates to go on before going all the way?

couple in tent.

We've all heard dating advice or sex tips that speak about having sex on the first date as being taboo. Is the three-date rule still in effect? Or is it the 90-day rule? When it comes to dating in the modern age, the vast amount of rules we tend to listen to and follow without question makes finding the one incredibly stressful. Just how many dates should you go on before you have sex? Despite being one of the most popular questions asked by Ok Cupid and the rest of the online dating world, pinning down the answer isn't as easy as simply checking off an option.


Dating expert Julie Spira discusses how many dates you should go on with a potential love interest before you have sex with him (or her!). It's all about knowing your own personal boundaries and how far you feel comfortable going. A love connection doesn't always have to involve the physical but if you feel that you are ready, having a hold on who you are is the perfect start.

Check out the video for helpful dating advice on how to judge whether you are ready to take it to the next level with your partner.