Woman Reveals How She Used A Workout App To Discover Her Husband Cheating

His first mistake was tracking his run.

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Tiktoker Meg McGee recently shared her story of her husband's infidelity and how she found out through a popular workout app called Strava.

Strava was created in 2009 as a tracking app for running, swimming, and biking. The app tracks your mileage and map, and it allows you to share this data with friends.

McGee shared the story of how she caught her husband cheating through the workout app Strava.

As a married couple, McGee and her husband were friends on Strava and shared their runs. Sounds innocent enough.


As an ex-military member, McGee's husband returned home from deployment unemployed, so he filled his days with running. They were both runners and often shared the hobby together.



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Things took a turn, however, when McGee's husband urged her not to join him on his runs because it would either be too far or she wouldn’t be able to keep up with him. That's when she truly became suspicious of his behavior.

McGee's husband announced suddenly that he wanted to take a break from their marriage.

McGee said she knew there was something wrong when he called her out of the blue one day and told her they were going to take a break (after being married for several years).

"This is when I started digging in and saying something bigger must be going on here," McGee said.

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She looked everywhere she could to find answers to what was going on. Little by little, she pieced together bits of information she found from different sources, but still, it just didn’t make sense. None of it fits into a reasonable answer.

"I'm thinking, what can I go through to find out, like, what is going on?"

After having very little luck with other sources, McGee looked in the last place you would suspect there to be evidence of cheating: the workout app.

Because they were friends on Strava, when her husband finished a run, McGee had access to his map. This allowed her to see his start, finish, and everything in between.

Woman Used A Workout App To Discover Her Husband CheatingPhoto: Maridav / Canva Pro


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Using her detective skills, McGee explained, "What I ended up finding through the Strava running maps was that he would start his run at our house, and he would end it at her house."

As McGee noted, finding out your husband is cheating isn't great, but it's better than being in the dark. She explained, "She lived probably half a mile away. So while this didn't tell me the whole story, it sure gave me a lot of reassurance about who he was cheating on me with and what he was doing all those times he was gone."

Infidelity is a complex issue, and couples need to do what's best for their particular circumstances.

A survey by the Institute For Family Studies found that men are, on average, more likely to cheat than women, and 20% of men and 13% of women surveyed admitted to cheating while married. Despite the slight discrepancy between genders, the statistics are significant.


While the reasons for infidelity vary, so do the outcomes. Even couples who declare cheating as a relationship deal breaker aren't immune to a possible reconciliation. The deciding factor is not quantifiable, however.



According to research by the American Psychological Association, 53% of couples who experienced infidelity in their marriage were divorced within five years, even with outside intervention. And while that percentage is high, it's not every couple. 

The only way a couple should even consider moving forward after an extramarital affair is if they are both actively engaged in the healing process. Pressure from a spouse, extended family, or even the guilt of breaking up a family should not play into the decision.


Being cheated on, especially in marriage, is a hard hit to your emotions and self-esteem and can affect the way you not only trust your partner but other people, as well. If you find yourself in a situation similar to McGee's, remember that it is 100% your choice what you do after finding out, and you should feel supported in your decision. 

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