Woman Ghosts Man But Will Not Tell Him Why Unless He Pays Her $200

“Ghost her back, and when she reaches out, demand $200 to speak to her."

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After a man spent nine weeks talking “nonstop” to a woman he met, he was perplexed when she suddenly stopped answering him. 

However, a week later, he was even more baffled when she contacted him to let him know that she would be willing to tell him why she stopped talking to him for a price. 

The woman ghosted the man and claimed that if he paid her $200, she would tell him exactly why. 

Sharing the bizarre story on the subreddit r/TwoHotTakes, the man revealed that four months ago, he met a woman in the apartment building where he leases rentals. 


“It started out as teasing in the halls and some light DMs, then tuned into Snapchat, then texting and all,” the man wrote. 

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However, over the nine weeks they spent talking, the man said that they had a few fights that he believed were all “red flags” of her behavior while looking back. 


“I friended her on Facebook when we had already added everything else (apparently, it was a breach of privacy),” he shared. “My friend saw her at the club; I asked if she went, and she blew up (another breach of privacy and trust).” 

One day, the man noticed that the woman wasn’t answering his messages as quickly as usual. The next day, the messages were even less frequent, and the following day, he only received one message from her. 

The man said he was starting to get the hint that the woman wasn’t interested in talking to him anymore. 

Sure enough, the next day, she stopped answering his messages entirely. 

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One week later, the man was surprised when he looked at his phone and saw that the woman had messaged him again. 

However, he was even more taken aback by what she said. "Send me $200, and I'll tell you why I stopped answering,” the woman texted, along with her Venmo. 

“Some women are absolutely deranged,” the man concluded. 

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People had various suggestions for the man on how to handle the situation. 

Just reply, ‘Nah, I'm good!’ Then forget her existence,” one Redditor commented. 

Another user wrote, “Ghost her back, and when she reaches out, demand $200 to speak to her.” 


Another user suggested, “Just block her and move on. Or send her a Venmo request for $500 for putting up with her, and then block her.” 

According to PsychCentral, 13% to 23% of people in the United States have reported being ghosted by a friend or someone they were dating. About 1 in 4 people have been ghosted after meeting each other in person, and 1 in 10 people claim that they’ve been ghosted after a couple of months of dating. 

Being ghosted says more about the person cutting communication than you.

The person who ghosted you may have lacked the communication skills to be upfront about how they were feeling. 

Woman Ghosts Man But Will Not Tell Him Why Unless He Pays Her $200 Photo: Marjan Apostolvic / Shutterstock 


“If you’ve been ghosted, it is more than likely not about you,” Dr. Lori Lawrenz, a clinical psychologist, told Psych Central. 

“It’s often done as a psychological tool to protect the one who is ghosting. Often, it’s a shortcut to avoid difficult relational dynamics.” 

As difficult as it can be to be upfront with people and potentially hurt them, most of them deserve the common courtesy of an explanation so they are not left in the dark wondering what went wrong. 


When most people ghost, you will likely never hear from them again, and it will probably sting for a while. 

However, they will usually not contact you just to give you an explanation in exchange for money. 

If you do, you are most likely, as the man said, "deranged." 

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