The 5 Types Of Lovers Most Likely To Cheat

This is not the love list you want to be on.

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When the one you love most cheats, it cuts deep.

You might not have trusted them to begin with, or the cheating can knock you over and take your breath away. You never suspected. You are the last to know.

People cheat on each other. Some are blamed for cheating in the relationship, while others feel they must get caught up in their cheating game. I wouldn’t be surprised if cheating becomes the norm for future relationship models. People cheat for different reasons, and many are likely to cheat at work.


So, what does all of this cheating mean for your relationship? I hope it means nothing, but if you have this problem, it might be time to kick that cheating cheater to the curb!

The best piece of relationship advice is to identify the types of lovers who are most likely to cheat before you are too emotionally involved with one of these cheaty cheats!

There are signs your partner is cheating on you and ways to catch a cheater. Remember, it doesn’t take two to make a relationship go down the tubes. It only takes one who wants someone else as well as you but is too afraid to manage a polyamorous relationship! So, what can you do to steer clear of a cheater?


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Here are the 5 types of lovers most likely to cheat:

1. The player

You've seen this one before. They have a line of lovers they claim is "just a friend." These "just friends" text at 2 a.m. like it’s noon. This cheater follows all the thirst traps on Instagram, and they are always looking for the next best thing while out on a date. They can’t stop flirting at the bar. The list is endless.

Don’t be flattered by their attention. You aren’t the one who is going to change them. Run, run so far away!


2. The serial cheater

This is the lover who ends every relationship by cheating.

Maybe they wanted you to break up with them because they were avoiding the conversation, or if they grew tired of every lover and moved on but forgot to break up. You have seen them before, though, weren't they with you and then your bestie too?

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3. The bored cheater

This lover is bored. You might be boring them, or they might be boring you, or whatever. They might cheat if the opportunity presents itself. This is the type of cheater you can forgive, and they might feel bad and make it up to you.

They are probably a one-time cheater. It still hurts, but at least they don’t commit to a new relationship every week.


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4. The powerful and influential

You have seen this type over and over in the political spotlight. There is always a cheater of the week like this on TMZ, too.

Certain personality types will drop at the feet of power and influence because they want the intoxication of being in proximity to that power. Unfortunately, these power brokers don’t have much integrity. They know the rules and laws don’t usually apply to them, or they can purchase or influence their way around the rules. So, when presented with the opportunity to cheat, the power cheater will grab it.

5. The one who looked good on paper

Let’s face it. We are all guilty of this one in some way. But some people have been doing this for generations and have more skills of a cheater.


This cheater can only take the perfectly appropriate person home to meet the family, make the marriage, and inherit the next generation. Yet, they also crave the hot bartender or almost anyone other than what their family wants.

Don’t marry them. You should be able to feel it isn’t right and it’s a business arrangement or will be soon. The institution of marriage was founded on business arrangements and property rights after all.

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Susan Trombetti is a matchmaker and CEO of Exclusive Matchmaking. She's appeared on Fox, ABC, NBC, ABC, Cosmopolitan, Shape, and as a guest contributor of The Wall Street Radio.