15 Big Signs You're In Love With A Man Who Hates Women

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Henry Kissinger once said, "There will never be a winner in the battle of the sexes, primarily because there's way too much fraternization with the enemy."

As right as he is, there are still many men out there who get into relationships with women, despite hating anyone who is female.

Being in a relationship with one of these guys is always toxic, because they will always hold you in low regard due to your gender. If you notice the following signs while dating your man, it's likely because he hates women.

15 Signs You're Dating A Misogynistic Man

1. He keeps reminding you that he's 'the man.'

Yeah. And you're a woman. So what? Does he want a prize for having a penis?

If he keeps reminding you of his masculinity, it's most likely because he views himself as superior because of his gender, or because he's insecure about what's between his legs.

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2. You regularly hear him say that women are always out for money, that women are shallow, or that women can't do certain things correctly no matter what they try.

This is misogyny in its rawest, most pure form. If he keeps saying negative things about women, it's best to leave him — but not before reminding him that you're clearly in it "for the money."

3. He tells you to shut up when he's talking to anyone.

Men who hate women tend to believe that we should be seen and not heard. If he doesn't think your opinion is worth anything, he's most likely a woman-hater.

4. He insists that you wouldn't understand certain things because 'you're a woman.'

This is a sign that he doesn't think highly of the female gender. After all, people who are equals are capable of understanding one another.

5. He lashes out in anger toward women who reject him.

You don't explode in anger toward people who you like or respect. If he does this, he sees women as the enemy or as objects that need to cater to his every whim. Ain't no one got time for that!

6. He keeps insisting that all women are crazy.

Some might be, but only because they've dated jerks like him. If he's telling you about all his crazy exes, you're better off leaving before he makes you go crazy, too.

7. He has no problem catcalling women.

Men who choose to catcall do so because it objectifies women and makes women feel like their bodies aren't their own. It's their way of shaming and dominating women.

8. He says that marriage is a sham, and that he'd never get tied down by a single woman.

A guy who says things like this is not only incredibly full of himself, but he's also too weak to love anyone but himself.

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9. His mannerisms around women often are cocky, controlling, or downright unpredictable.

Guys who are misogynistic have a need to be the ones in control, no matter what the cost.

Usually, they gain control by acting cocky, keeping their actions unpredictable, and trying to exert control whenever possible. Don't fall for his games!

10. He always seems to treat you the opposite of how you want to be treated.

He's doing this to get under your skin. Men who hate women seem to like seeing them miserable. It's their way of "punishing" the female gender.

11. If he cheated on you, he showed no remorse.

Men who hate women don't see themselves as owing their partners a damn thing, especially when it comes to loyalty.

12. He has no issue using you.

Once again, this goes back to the fact that a lot of men out there seem to like the idea of "punishing" women for whatever is going on in their heads.

Men who hate women feel they owe women nothing, but are owed everything by women.

13. All of his exes are 'psycho.'

If he says bad things about his exes, don't be shocked when he says bad things about you, too.

14. When you show you're upset with him, he dismisses it as you being 'on the rag.'

Woman-haters really don't like the idea of validating negative feelings, so they'll blame it on feminine hormones or "hysteria."

15. He demands that you 'show him respect.'

If he has the nerve to tell you this, feel free to break up with him immediately.

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