Mom Refuses To Let Her Husband Meet Their Baby After He Kicked Her Out When She Was Pregnant

Actions have consequences.

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Pregnancy is a very sensitive time for women. Hormones are changing, emotions are heightened, and a supportive partner can make a world of difference. 

Unfortunately for one woman on Reddit, her partner was far from supportive, making unfounded accusations that left her hurt and dejected. Now, she is questioning how involved she wants him to be in their baby's life.

He accused her of cheating on him and kicked her out while she was pregnant.

In her since-deleted Reddit post, the 34-year-old woman explained that her husband's job requires him to travel for months at a time. While he was away on a business trip, she found out that she was pregnant. 


"I thought he would be very happy," she wrote. "We were trying for a baby and he always wanted to be a father."

However, he didn't react to her news at all, and when he finally returned home, she was confused to learn that he was furious with her instead of excited. 

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While her husband had been on his trip, one of her old high school friends who works as a photographer came into town and wanted to spend the day with her.

"I was very happy to see him. I drove him around the whole day. I had hugged him before he was going back," she recalled. "Someone had snapped a picture of that and sent it to my husband. Later, I found out it was his aunt, [a] single and bitter woman [who] puts her nose in everything."

Because of the picture, her husband assumed she was cheating and was unwilling to listen to her explanation. 

He argued that he didn't believe the baby was his and kicked his pregnant wife out with nowhere to go.

"I was a crying mess by then," she wrote. "I requested him to let me stay the night [since] it was going to be dark soon," to which he refused.


Her husband was adamant that while he was away on a business trip, she got pregnant by someone else. "He said he's sure the baby isn't his" and insisted that he didn't want to see her right now and would be getting things in order to file for a divorce.

Then he — literally — pushed her out of their home. "I seriously thought I was going to fall and get hurt," she added.

Unfortunately, her parents were out of town and she didn't have any trusted friends to stay with. She also had no money on her. The worst part was that her husband knew all of this and still decided to kick her out while she was pregnant and defenseless.

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She ended up calling her brother, who drove four hours straight to get her. In the meantime, she sat on the porch steps of their house, cold and alone, while her husband ignored her.

"After that, [my] husband went totally [no contact] with me and my family members," she wrote. "He didn't ask about me throughout the whole pregnancy, but he did make posts about his wife cheating on him on [Facebook] and posted pictures with random girls."

"He never answered my texts or calls. He wasn't there at the birth of my boy. He didn't even come after 3 days," she continued.


Her husband refused to interact until a paternity test revealed he was the baby's father.

Lo and behold, the paternity test proved the baby was his — just like she said throughout the entire pregnancy. 

Embarrassed and remorseful, her husband attempted to finally make amends, but it was far too late. 

"He told me he made a mistake, he really loves me, he will make it up to me," she wrote. "I told him I'm not buying it."


The woman stood her ground and informed her husband that she didn't want him around the baby at all because of the way he treated her — a reasonable reaction considering his refusal to listen to her and his cruelty in kicking her out, knowing she was pregnant and didn't have anywhere else to go.

It was his knee-jerk reaction that landed him in this predicament, and instead of trusting his wife, his pride got in the way, ruining both his marriage and the beginning relationship with his son. 

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