'My Wife Cheated On Me With The Clown We Hired For Our Son's Birthday'

Seems like she clowned him.

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A man candidly shared his story about how his son's birthday party ended in a disastrous discovery that ruined his marriage.

The man shared his story anonymously on Reddit’s r/TrueOffMyChest thread so the veracity of the claim is impossible to determine — but people on Reddit have still shared their amusement at the man's predicament.

The man claimed his wife cheated on him with a clown they hired.

He explained in the comments section that he's been married to his wife for seven years and they have a five-year-old son who was celebrating his birthday when the incident occurred. What he calls "one of the most humiliating experiences of my life” begins with his wife's insistence that they hire a clown for their son's party. Initially, he refused because he felt the whole concept was out of style and he says he has a slight fear of clowns. 


“I gave in to my wife because I love her…The biggest regret of my life,” the man wrote. 

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The couple had been at odds during the birthday party. His wife had been angry at him but didn’t think much about it until he noticed she had been gone for a while. At the same time, the clown was on his break and it didn’t take long for the man to figure out what was going on.

"I'll skip the details," he wrote, but later clarified his discovery in an edit.

He says he caught his wife chatting with the clown.

"He was making her laugh," he wrote, acknowledging that the clown was just doing his job. "It didn’t seem overly flirtatious so I went about enjoying the party."


Later, he returned to the kitchen and neither his wife nor the clown are there.

"I wandered around the party looking for my wife," he writes, "Eventually found her leave the direction of my study and she literally (this is where it gets ridiculous) had some clown makeup on her lip and cheek. I pointed it out to her, she wiped it off without an explanation."

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The man says his wife dragged him out of the study and tried to divert his attention. However, "a few minutes later I was within eye-line of my study and the clown peaks his head out and waltzes out back to the party."


He noted that, as he wrapped up his shift, the clown seemed distracted and kept glancing at his wife.

"Once the party ended I noticed something peaking out of the top of her dress," the post continues. "Now with warranted suspicion I took it out and it was the clown business card tucked into her bra."

He said he confronted his wife, who confessed immediately.

He further mentioned that none of his friends and family members knew the reason behind his decision to split with his wife and he would keep it that way.

“I’m currently sleeping in the guest house I just needed to vent,” he wrote in the aftermath of the situation.


The man's predicament garnered the sympathy of people online, who noted that his preexisting fear of clowns has likely ballooned. 

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