The Unexpected Behavior That Means You're (Probably) About To Breakup

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Ladies and gentlemen, consider yourself warned. If your long-term love expresses the desire to shed a few pounds, it may be a sign they are planning to break up with you in order to pursue someone else.

At least that's what sociologists in Germany are claiming.

Professor Thomas Klein of the University of Heidelberg says that when people in seemingly happy relationships suddenly get to work dieting and exercising in order to lose weight, it's a signal they may be planning ahead for a breakup.

According to Klein, "When you are on the lookout for a new partner, people try to be as thin and attractive as possible," and therefore an out-of-the-blue weight loss routine may be a sign someone is "preparing for the partner market.”

In a study of 2,000 people ages 16 to 55 found that, researchers found that on average, people who are single weigh less than people who are in relationships.

“People in a relationship," Klein explains, "feel less pressure and often put on weight as they do not watch their weight so much."

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Yes, some of us who are in relationships have been known to let ourselves go after a while, but some may find it offensive to suggest that the primary motivation coupled folks would have for losing weight is to seek out a new relationship.

What about, say, wanting to be healthy? Wanting to feel confident in that new summer dress? Or, heaven forbid, exercising for the sake of longevity, with weight loss as a happy side effect?

Also, call me old-fashioned, but what about simply wanting to look good for the you partner you already have?

But according to Klein's research, it's mostly about getting ready for a new relationship. The warning signs he says indicate someone may be planning for a breakup include suddenly becoming gym-obsessed or getting involved in dieting or sports.

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The overall takeaway from this study (and thus, the primary emphasis) is that we tend to get a little lax in terms of our fitness when we're comfortable in a relationship.

This shouldn't, however, strike fear in otherwise happy couples who have decided to get back on the healthy track.

"Honey, unless you're planning on leaving me, you better get back to those double cheeseburgers!"

Yup, we should all want our partners to eventually want heart attacks.

Thanks, but no thanks, researchers. I'll stick to dieting and exercising to be healthy, whether I'm in a relationship or not.

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