Husband Refuses To Get Back With His Wife After Her 'Psychic' Friend Convinced Her He Was Cheating

Despite his attempts to reassure his wife that he hadn't cheated, she refused to believe him over her friend.

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A husband admitted that despite his wife's insistence, he has no desire to stop the divorce process and get back with her because of what happened between the two of them and her friend. 

Posting to the subreddit "r/AITAH," he claimed that due to his wife's friend's insistence that something was amiss in their marriage, he hasn't been able to forgive his wife for trusting her friend over him.

He refuses to get back with his wife after her 'psychic' friend convinced her he was cheating.

In his Reddit post, he explained that he first met his wife, Rhona, when they were both in college. They started dating after their senior year, and after graduation and job hunting, they settled down in her hometown. 


They managed to find an apartment, lived together for two years, and eventually got married.

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At their wedding, he was first introduced to a friend of his wife, Anna. She offered to read his palms, which he admitted was something he never really believed in. He humored her because she was friends with his wife and didn't think anything serious would come from it. 


"Anna only comes to town every once in a while. She lives in NYC, so she doesn't have time to visit since she has an exciting life there. She makes costumes for plays and cosplayers. So we see her maybe four times over the next two years," he explained. The last time he and his wife saw Anna had been Labor Day last year, and that's when things between them got a bit weird.

He noticed that after her visit, his wife was acting odd. She began checking up on him at work, coming by whenever he was working late, and asking to use her phone because hers was "out of power." Eventually, she confronted him about having an affair, and at first, he thought she was joking, so he began laughing before assuring her that he wasn't.

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His wife didn't believe him, admitting that Anna told her he would laugh off the accusation if she confronted him, being able to tell what was going on in their marriage because she was a "psychic." He argued that it was ridiculous that her friend would assume that he was cheating because he barely had time to do it anyway. He spends most of his time at work, and if he's not there, he's at home with his wife or family. 

"And most important of all, I love my wife. I wouldn't do anything to harm her. And yet she takes the word of Anna The Psychic over mine," he continued. "She asks me to leave our apartment. I say no because I have nowhere else to go. So she leaves and moves back with her parents."

He ended up spending the following months trying to convince his wife that he hadn't cheated, nor would he ever, and that he wanted her to come home so they could work it out. But she didn't budge. 

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His family tried to stage an intervention to help the couple work through their issues.

During Christmastime, he traveled home to be with his family since his wife still wasn't speaking to him. At that point, he was leaning toward getting a divorce, fed up with trying to convince his wife that he hadn't been unfaithful.

To talk him out of it, his family tried to argue that it was clear his wife was having some kind of mental breakdown, and instead of turning his back on her, he should give her another chance.

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After spending months trying to convince his wife that it never happened, it's understandable why he'd be frustrated by the fact that she couldn't seem to shake her psychic friend's lie. 

The one thing that most people can agree on is that any relationship is built on trust, and if you can't trust your partner, then a relationship will always be doomed to fail. He tried to reassure her multiple times that she shouldn't listen to a psychic prediction when he was standing in front of her, pleading with her that he'd never been unfaithful and loved her too much even to attempt to cheat.

Despite his wife eventually coming to her senses and admitting that she was more than happy to come back to him and that he should halt the divorce proceedings, he'd already made up his mind. 


He told her the truth — they probably weren't right for each other anymore if she was so quick to believe a lie. 

At the end of the day, it was his emotional well-being and sense of trust that were destroyed beyond repair when his wife chose to stand by the unfounded words of a friend over the unwavering loyalty that her husband had displayed throughout their years of marriage.

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