Why Your Partner's Beard Might Be Making You Sick, According To Research

Make sure your man knows how to groom his facial hair.

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A lot of women are into beards on men — and with good, scientific reason. A beard can transform any baby-faced guy into more of a macho man and that can be enticing. But now there's startling news that affects the health of ladies who love bearded men everywhere.

Your man's beard might be giving you an infection.

Why is this? That's because facial hairs trap sweat, bodily fluids, and even bits of food, all of which serve as food for microbes that may then be on your skin.


The worst part is that he might not even know himself if he has any of these.

A problem, Debra Jaliman, M.D., a dermatologist in New York City tells Woman's Health, is that his facial hair can hide all the symptoms of a possible skin issue that isn't directly related to the beard or mustache itself, such as redness that could be from yeast or a herpes sore. If he doesn't notice the signs, he could transmit his condition to you.

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That's right, you not only have to worry about protecting yourself from STDs when being intimate or kissing, but now you have to be leery of men who like to grow out their facial hair, too.

"If a guy doesn't groom his mustache and beard properly, they can become a breeding ground for germs," says Jaliman.

So what kind of infections can an unhygienic bearded guy give you? Although there's not a high chance of it, chin and cheek hair can be a place for a host of germs and diseases. You can get herpes, fungal infections, or even a dangerous staph infection.

If your skin makes contact with one of these bad boys, you could end up with an infection. So think twice about rubbing against his beard if you don't know how often he washes it.


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A risk of infection isn't the only downside of dating a guy with a beard.

His facial hair could also rub you the wrong way to the point where it affects your own skin.

"A bristly beard can cause irritation and a rash when rubbed against his partner's face, which can trigger pink bumps and chafing," explains New York City dermatologist Diane Berson, M.D. to Women's Health.

How can you prevent this? Make sure he knows how to groom his facial hair right. This could look like washing it with soap in the shower at least once a day and inspecting it regularly.

But, ouch. Be careful out there — it's a risky world out there.


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