Believe It Or Not, DNA Testing May Help Save Your Cat's Life

Get your cat tested... STAT!

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It takes a pet owner to understand that our animals are not just animals, but beloved members of our family. We feed them, we bathe them, and we give them lots of love and attention.

We worry about them when they aren’t sleeping, eating, or seem to not feel their best. If there’s any way we can prevent them from feeling ill, we’d want to know as soon as possible, right?

If there are certain health issues our kitty is at risk for, we’d want to be on top of that knowledge in any way possible. That is where the Basepaws DNA test kit can help us become better cat parents, keeping our furbabies healthier and happier.


It’s the perfect item to buy yourself, a friend, or that cat parent we all know.

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How does Basepaws’ Breed + Health Cat DNA Test work?

We never want to cause our kitten any sort of discomfort or pain, and that’s why it’s a major relief that the Basepaws' Breed + Health Cat DNA Test is noninvasive.


To get your cat tested, just gently swab their gums and teeth.

There’s even an easy-to-follow how-to video to walk you through administering the Basepaws Cat DNA test so that the process is as simple as possible.

Just open the kit, register it using your smartphone, and follow a few easy prompts to customize your cat’s profile. Then, grab the swab, and move it around the inside of their mouth. Your pet may even think it’s a fun game!

Then, pack up the swab and drop the kit in the mail. You are done. Results will be in your email in 4-6 weeks. What an easy way to get to know your pet, inside and out!

Basepaws’ DNA test also provides the most comprehensive cat breed and health report out there. If you’re looking for a gift for those hard-to-shop-for people on your list, this is a great option for cat people.


6 Incredible Benefits of Basepaws' DNA Test Kit

1. You can figure out your cat’s breed composition.

We want to know everything about our children, don’t we? Our cats are no different, and the Basepaws DNA Test kit can analyze your cat’s genome.

By comparing it to those genomes of tens of thousands of other cat breeds, they can find similarities to other pedigrees and breed groups.

Breeds fall into four main groups: Western (from Europe and the Americas), Eastern (from Asia), Persian (Persian and related cats), and Exotic (hybrids and Egyptian Mau).

But within those four breed groups, there are 21 breeds, and once the test figures out your cat's breed composition, it can find 50 trait markers with 25 associated traits (including blood type and resistance to FIV).


2. Basepaws has more health markers than any other DNA test.

There’s a lot more to look out for with cats than we realize, and this test proves it. It can pick up 115 known feline genetic markers, 43 feline diseases, and 25 traits (including blood type and resistance to FIV).

By identifying these 64 health markers, which are associated with 43 diseases, we can be prepared to know what to expect with our cats’ health and possible genetic illnesses.

Being prepared for what may be coming can help us be on the lookout for symptoms or changes they may be predisposed to developing.

3. You get free lifetime breed report updates.

Of course, as the sample pool grows and changes, the results can also change. This is why a great feature is receiving free breed report updates for a lifetime should anything in your test change.


And, even better, there’s no additional charge for this lifetime of free breed report updates.

4. You receive a dental health report with each DNA test.

Cats can’t tell us when they have a toothache or gum pain, and they may suffer needlessly for a long time before we know what is wrong.

Dental issues are more than pain or discomfort. If they go untreated, they can become a dangerous emergency that is both expensive and life-threatening.

This kit tests for active signs of the three most common dental diseases in cats: periodontal disease, tooth resorption, and bad breath (halitosis). Not only that, but the report also gives risk scores for these conditions and an evaluation of how these can affect their general health.


Knowing their dental risk factors will make it easier to be watchful for symptoms and also take important preventative steps to give care before it becomes an emergency.

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5. There’s an option for breed analysis.

Whether you adopted your cat from a shelter or a stray you picked up off the street, you may have no idea what breed they are.

This test will identify common features between your cat and other cats to tell you what breeds your cat is similar to, while obtaining health markers of those similar breeds you should be aware of.

The test will help to figure out your cats’ breed composition via 50 trait markers with 25 associated traits (including susceptibility to viral infection).


6. The DNA test can save your cat’s life.

Preventative care is the best care, and the more information we have on our cat and their health risks, the more likely we will be to help avoid health issues as they arise down the road. We all want our pets to be alive and healthy for as long as possible, and this can help to make it doable.

One inspirational example of how a DNA test can make a difference is the story of how a Basepaws Oral Health Test ultimately saved the life of a cat named Baby.

Baby’s test had revealed he was at medium risk of several feline dental conditions. So, when his parents took him for a dental cleaning, they did some preparatory blood tests and found out he actually suffered from hyperthyroidism.

Had his parents not given Baby that dental test and gotten those results, they’d not have prioritized that dental visit and his condition may have not been uncovered until well later, with potentially deadly results.


That’s just one of so many stories where getting the DNA test to help you take care of your furbaby can literally save their life.

As a cat parent, nothing is more important than your furbaby’s health and comfort. That’s why a DNA test can be an incredibly thoughtful gift for yourself or the other cat people in your life.

Can I do a DNA test on my cat?

Yes, you can do a DNA test on your cat, and it’s easy, fast, and can be life-saving.


How much does it cost to do a DNA test on a cat?

The test is $159, but you can save more when you buy multipacks for all of your feline furbabies (or as a gift for your friends). Make sure you check the Basepaws website for their latest holiday sales and promos.

There is also a payment plan that you have the ability to use through shop pay. And that includes a lifetime of free breed report updates.

Can you really put a price on life-saving knowledge?

Are cat genetic tests accurate?

Yes! The test uses genetic markers to identify traits and conditions common to various breeds.

Is there a test to see what breed your cat is?

The test will show which breed your cat is most similar to, based on genetic markers and common traits.


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