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The Five Benefits Of Taking 'Nothing Showers'

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If you’re an avid social media user, you are likely familiar with the term “everything shower” that took platforms by storm a few weeks back. 

An everything shower consists of a multitude of steps before you turn the faucet off, including extensive moisturizing, foliation, oiling, shaving, and conditioning. While an everything shower will leave you feeling like a squeaky clean new person, the benefits of a “nothing shower” are often overlooked. 

A “nothing shower” is exactly what it sounds like. It is a shower where you do nothing except stand underneath the water and let it run over you. No soap, no shampoo — just you and water.

Here are five benefits of taking a ‘nothing shower.’ 

1. They can ease anxiety and depression. 

Whether you opt for a cold or hot nothing shower, the calming effect water has on you as it runs down your body is like no other. 

Standing in a hot shower while doing nothing helps alleviate anxiety and stress since heat prompts the brain to release oxytocin. Oxytocin is the “happy hormone” and can reduce stress and anxiety. 



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Cold showers are also known to have positive effects on the body. Cold water increases blood circulation, which in turn, can reduce stress levels. 

2. They are a great stress management tool. 

After a long day at work or school, there's nothing better than kicking off your shoes, having a glass of wine, and soaking in a hot bath. A nothing shower offers the same relaxation and provides a space for you to decompress and recover from the stressful day you just endured. 



During a nothing shower, there are no phones to answer, no conversations to participate in, and no one to tend to. It is just you and the blissful running water.

3. They give you an energy boost. 

Forget coffee for a sudden jolt of energy, nothing showers are the way to go! Especially, cold nothing showers. 

Cold water activates the sympathetic nervous system, which releases noradrenaline, a chemical created in your nerve endings that helps you stay focused and alert. 

If you find yourself in a sleepy haze as you start the day, a quick plunge under a cold shower stream is an easy alternative to coffee to give yourself that burst of liveliness. 

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4. They keep you grounded. 

Nothing showers are a great time for self-reflection and brainstorming. There are usually no interruptions while you are in the shower, allowing you to get some much-needed alone time to tap into your own thoughts, feelings, and experiences. 



It is no wonder why some people claim that some of their best ideas happen while they are in the shower! So, if you ever need some inspiration, you know where to go! 

5. They improve your sleep. 

Taking a shower just before bedtime has become one of the most common rituals for adults. It has also been proven to help them get better sleep. A few hours before bedtime, our core body temperature cools down naturally, while temperatures in our hands and feet go up. 

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Taking a shower, specifically a warm one before bed, can help the natural temperature regulation process, and improve our sleep quantity. “Your body cooling down after a warm shower is conducive to melatonin release,” Dr. Abhinav Singh, medical director of the Indiana Sleep Center in Greenwood, told the Sleep Foundation.

Better sleep means better focus and productivity during the day. 



We all deserve a little calm and relaxation given the world we’re living in. What better way to decompress than in the comfort of your own bathroom, where you will be immersed in your own little nook for as long as you please? 

And the best part is, it requires absolutely nothing. 

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