What To Drink If You Want To Fall Asleep Instantly, According To Research

And nope, it's not a warm glass of milk.

What To Drink If You Want To Fall Asleep Instantly, According To Science Getty Images

Many people have different solutions on how to combat insomnia.

Some of them involve drugging themselves with Nyquil and other over-the-counter products, but if you're into a more natural sleep-aid, listen up. 

An older home remedy would be drinking a glass of warm milk, but it looks like researchers found something else you should drink if you want to get night's sleep.

(And luckily, this solution is safer for lactose-intolerant people.)


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A study from Louisiana State University with funding from Cherry Marketing Institute claims drinking cherry juice will put you right to sleep.

How cherry juice helps to fight insomnia and puts you to sleep instantly: 

To be specific, LSU recommends two glasses of cherry juice to do the trick. Sour cherries have a hormone called Melatonin and an amino acid called Tryptophan that makes you tired.

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Be sure to select a tart cherry Juice vs. a regular cherry juice for the best result. 

One easy way to tell tart cherries from sweet varieties is by their color.

Sweet cherries tend to be darker, while tart cherries stay bright red color even after being harvested.

Tart cherries aren't only good for sleep, though. Research has found that tart cherries can help fight obesity. 

Another study found that they also can help reduce muscle pain, and it's been found that they can reduce risk of stroke, too.

Tart cherries are also full of vitamins and nutrients! They also boost your immune system

Looks like tart cherry juice is just good for your overall health. Off to the grocery!


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