Young Single Mom Does Her Gender Reveal All By Herself — But Responds Emotionally To People Concerned She’s Doing It All On Her Own

It takes a village!

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Typically at a gender reveal party, the expectant parents decide on a creative way to reveal the baby's gender to their friends and family. Once they learn if they are having a son or daughter, the parents embrace one another as their loved ones cheer along with them. 

When one woman on TikTok shared a video of her party, some viewers expressed concern that no partner was standing up there with her as she discovered her baby’s gender. 


The young single mom chose to have a gender reveal by herself since her baby’s father was not in the picture. 

Ramie Hackett, who is expecting a baby this summer, decided to throw a gender reveal party to share the exciting moment with her friends and family. 

Standing in the center of a room surrounded by her friends and family, Hackett used a champagne flute to plunge into a white-frosted cake, which contained pink frosting representing a baby girl.



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While Hackett’s friends and family cheered and embraced her, many people couldn't help but notice the fact that she cut into the cake alone. 

Viewers asked Hackett where her baby’s other parent was and expressed concern over the fact that she appeared to be a single mother. 

However, in a follow-up video, Hackett claimed that she is not walking into motherhood alone. Sharing a series of photos from her gender reveal party, the mom-to-be said that she definitely didn't feel alone even though she cut into the cake solo. 

“I had so many people supporting me,” Hackett wrote in the caption of her video. 

Despite having no one standing up with her to cut the cake, Hackett revealed that she is not single. 

“My boyfriend has been so supportive and sweet, but he was not next to me because he is not the father of my child!!!” she wrote. “But he chooses to love me anyway!!!” 


Young Single Mom Does Her Gender Reveal All By HerselfPhoto: Jacob Lund / Canva Pro

She added that her family was “so excited” for her and that she had been hoping for a little girl. 

“I am so very thankful that I am being blessed with a daughter. The tears were definitely tears of joy!” 

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People praised the young mother for her positive outlook walking into parenthood with the support of her friends and family. 

“You’ve got this, mama. Stay strong and focus on your little girl,” one TikTok user commented. “I’m so happy for you, especially with all of the support you have! This is just the beginning of something beautiful,” another user wrote. 

Other parents shared that they too had the support of their loved ones, even though their children’s other parent was not involved in their lives. 



Friends and family play a crucial role in both the life of a parent and their children. 

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and Hackett’s story is no exception. 


A mother or father's extended network of family and loved ones can offer emotional support, help with childcare, and be an emotional sounding board which is vital to any parent, single or married.

If you're in a parent-to-be's inner circle, let them know that they are doing a great job, and if possible, offer them a helping hand and a word of motivation. 

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