Woman’s Brother Says He Will Not Give Her Money As A Wedding Gift — ‘She’s 135 & Has No Business Getting Married At This Age’

"I'm done shoveling out money."

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While it is often a hassle to buy wedding gifts for newlywed couples, most of us do it with a smile and wish them a lifetime of happiness.

However, one man unapologetically shared his views regarding wedding gifts in a hilarious voicemail to his niece explaining why he would not be buying one for her mother on her wedding day.

The man claimed that he would not give his sister money as a wedding gift since she had ‘no business getting married.’

In a TikTok video that has been viewed over 6 million times, Nicki (@nickicurran) shared the voicemail she received from her uncle after she invited him to her mother’s wedding, which has us all in stitches.


“I don’t have a toxic voicemail from a man, but I do have one from my gay uncle in response to my mom having a wedding,” Nicki wrote in the text overlay of her video.

@nickicurran Still the best voicemail ive ever received #ablenda ♬ original sound - nickicurran

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The voicemail started off innocent enough, with Nicki’s Uncle Jamesy telling her that, of course, he would love to come to her mother’s wedding. However, he would only be attending under his own rules.

I’m not buying her a gift,” he declared. “I’ve had it with the gifts already.”

“She’s 135; she shouldn’t be getting married at this age,” Jamesy sarcastically stated. Nicki clarified that her mother is 55 years old. 

However, Uncle Jamesy ultimately conceded to buying his sister one gift and one gift only (well, maybe two, depending on how you look at it). “I’ll get her a [expletive] blender … and a personality cause your mother needs a [expletive] personality,” he said.


“Tell her she ain’t getting any money. She’s getting a blender.”

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Uncle Jamesy also declared that he is “never getting married” because he has “had it” with all the gifts.

“Your mother will never give me a wedding gift because I don’t get married at 135 like she [expletive] does,” he shared.


For Uncle Jamesy, it can get difficult to keep up with all of the gift-giving for different occasions.

I’m tired of shoveling out the money. This one’s wedding, this one’s graduation … You think I’m made of [expletive] money?”

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Nicki could not help but laugh along with her uncle's gripes, and neither could most viewers.

“I’m crying, his sass is amazing,” one TikTok user commented.

“Uncle Jamesy is the only person I will take advice from,” another user wrote.

“I feel him, I’m tired of all the gifts!!” another user shared.


While weddings are a great opportunity to celebrate and rejoice with a newlywed couple, all of the gift-giving and buying can get to be a bit much.

When you add up the costs of buying a dress or suit for the wedding, travel expenses to get there, plus the price of a gift, it is enough money to feed an entire family.

According to experts, the average amount people will spend on wedding gifts ranges from $100 to $150. Chances are, as all of your friends begin settling down and getting married, you’ll be spending thousands of dollars a year on wedding gifts alone. 


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If you find yourself struggling to afford all of the gifts for your newlywed peers, don’t drive yourself crazy trying to get them the perfect one!

Purchase what you can when you can. Your support and attendance on their wedding day is really all that most newlyweds will ask for anyway.


And if you’re looking for a gift that won’t break the bank, take some advice from Uncle Jamesy and get a blender!

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