Woman Dating Her Dad And Now They’re Engaged

This takes daddy issues to a whole new level.

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Daddy issues have taken on a whole new meaning for this New York woman.

Wishing to remain anonymous during her interview, one woman explained everything about her odd relationship with her father. Now here's a story you probably haven't heard: a woman dating her father.

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Her parents had her when they were young, apparently, and the story is that she was conceived on their prom night. Deciding to go through with the pregnancy, her parents tried to stick it out together.


But after problems regarding her mom’s depression and bipolar disorder, the couple split.

The interviewee says that she saw her dad on and off for a period of time up until she was five, but eventually, he stopped making the visits.

Aside from being fatherless, her young mother didn’t make things much easier on her as she went through phases of partying and trying to be her friend, dating a whole variety of bad men, and having more children with some of them.


Eventually, her mother became extremely strict, didn’t trust her daughter, and kept her at home most of the time. Even her Facebook password was held by her mother, so she couldn’t freely use it.

The girl spent most of her time at home, wondering what happened to her biological father, acting as a second mother to her much younger siblings, and being bullied at school.

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While she did have one boyfriend, he ended up cheating on her and getting another girl pregnant. She also spent some time dating another woman, who she had her first sexual experience with. But, she ended it due to guilt that she felt as the other girl was quite religious and would often cry after every sexual encounter.


Once her mom eased up a bit and allowed her access to her Facebook password, she got a friend request from her biological father and they began to reconnect over the internet.

Finally, deciding to meet, they hit it off and realized that they were a lot alike and the girl, who was 17 at the time, moved in with him and his girlfriend.

She told the interviewer that she found him attractive right away but felt ashamed for it, so she pushed the thoughts aside. It only took five days of living with him for both of them to realize and act on the attraction.

It started off with them spooning at night and moving on to playing wrestling, making out, and eventually having sex. In fact, she lost her virginity to her dad.


She and her father both know that the situation is a bit strange, and they try to make sure the other one is always comfortable with what’s going on. Most people in their lives know they are father and daughter, but they have successfully kept it a secret from her mother, even though they suspect she might know.

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They moved in together along with the father’s ex-girlfriend and are now engaged, planning to get married and eventually have children together. According to the interview, the woman doesn’t want their children to know that their dad is also their grandfather because they think it could cause some issues. Do you think?

Genetic sexual attraction is the term that would probably be applied here. It is used as a description for two adults who, when meeting for the first time, are attracted to each other but are also related by blood. 


It was a term that came about in the 1980s and was used to define the attraction that could possibly exist between an adopted person and their biological relatives, who they've just met. This isn't to say that this would happen in all adopted cases — it's actually quite rare. Although, now that people have more ways of being able to find their blood relatives, it has become more common. 

Some experts actually consider genetic sexual attraction to be a pseudoscience. And there isn't really any evidence that has proved otherwise. Also, not much research has been done on the subject, since most experts have dismissed it and also because, let's face it, this is way too creepy of a topic to even study.  

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