Woman Cancels Wedding And Decides To Get Married In Her Dad's Hospital Room So He Could Be There To See The Occasion

She wanted her dad to be a part of her special day no matter what.

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A wedding is one of the most memorable days of a person’s life. It’s also important to their family and friends. 

One bride saw past the frivolous parts of a ceremony and reception to what really mattered — her beloved father.

A woman canceled her wedding so her dad could be a part of the ceremony from his hospital room.

Elisabeth Linde is a psychiatric nurse, a mother, a daughter, and now, a wife. The New York Post reported that she married her boyfriend, Devin, on June 3, 2023. Her ceremony was quite unconventional, though.




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Instead of holding the ceremony in a church, reception hall, or other fancy venue, Linde got married in the hospital.

Linde’s father, Stuart, was hospitalized for mesothelioma exposure. She couldn’t have the wedding without him. 


“My dad was one of my biggest supporters. He had to be there,” she told the New York Post.

Linde shared her unique wedding and the moments that came after with the world on TikTok. Each of the four videos has over one million views, while the first video of her walking down a hospital hallway like it’s her aisle, lined with medical personnel and loved ones, has over 53 million.

During the small ceremony, Linde could be seen holding both her groom’s and father’s hands.



Linde’s father helped her with more than the typical father does.

Although many fathers are special, Linde argued that hers saved her life and that of her now-husband. 


“My husband and I were drug addicts. My dad helped us get clean and stay clean,” she said to the New York Post. “He and my mom took us in; he motivated me to go back to school and pursue my nurse practitioner certification. He always made sure my son, who called him Deeda, had a good life.”

In a video filmed after the actual ceremony, Linde can be seen standing in her wedding dress in her father’s hospital room, talking to him through tears.

“We wouldn’t have the life we have without you,” she told him.


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Linde and her family showed their gratitude to her father in another way as well.

In addition to holding their wedding in his hospital room, Linde and her husband decided to honor her father in one other way.

“My dad has three daughters, but he always wanted a son to carry on our last name,” she said. “So, on June 4, we asked his permission to take the last name Linde so that our son can be the person to do that.” 

In a video filmed the day after their wedding ceremony, Linde and her husband asked her father for permission to take their last name on as a family.


“I like that,” he said before both Linde and her husband expressed their love for him.

Fathers are incredibly important figures in their children’s lives.

Stuart Linde modeled what a good father should look like. He supported his daughter, treated his son-in-law like his own, and cared for his grandson.

@elisabeth3744 being a grandpa was the hiighlight of your life… i miss you more than ever today #loss #grief #griefjourney #grandpa #dad #father #love #cute #babyboy ♬ original sound - elis_linde12

Psychology Today said that the important role that fathers play cannot be overstated. “Children who have regular positive contact with their father tend to regulate their emotions better than children who have no contact with their father."


Additionally, the outlet noted, “Children with sensitive and supportive fathers have higher levels of social competence and better peer relationships. Children whose fathers provide them with learning materials and speak with them frequently perform better in school and have more advanced language skills.”

Having a present father can make a huge difference in a child’s life. It certainly did in Elisabeth Linde’s. Although her father passed away just days after her wedding, his impact will be felt forever.

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