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Teen Mom Living In A Camper Shares What She Feeds Her Two Kids For Breakfast Each Morning

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A young mother struggling to make ends meet while living in a small camper is now dealing with backlash online after she shared what she prepares for her two young kids for breakfast most mornings. 

While the children’s appetites were sated, some did not approve of the mother’s choices. The young mom claimed that she was doing her best under the circumstances and that while some may not agree with the food choices, they should attempt to understand the reality of her situation before they judge. 

The teenage mother faced backlash after she shared her children's typical breakfast on social media. 

Alexis Marie, a 19-year-old mother of four and a one-year-old, regularly documents the meal preparation she does for her children on TikTok. Since Alexis is currently living in a small camper while working from home, she explained that her meal options are limited. 

In one particular TikTok video, Alexis recorded herself fixing her children's breakfast as they quietly chatted in the background. On two separate portion plates, Alexis placed a chocolate chip muffin, two powdered sugar donuts, and Cheerios with whole milk. 



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Although the plates were full and the kids undoubtedly happy, many people were concerned about the food choices Alexis was making

“Not cereal, donuts and cake. It’s just sugar and sugar with a side of sugar,” one TikTok user pointed out. “Where are the yogurts, fruits and eggs?” another user questioned. “You’re doing good mama, but please, just less sugar,” one commenter chided delicately. 

Many people suggested that Alexis replace the donuts with healthier options, such as apple slices, eggs, or granola. However, a simple scroll through the young mom’s videos of breakfast time would indicate that she does not always feed her children sugary meals for breakfast. 

Many meals were chock full of fruits and proteins, and her toast with peanut butter, decorated with bananas and blueberries in a smiley face, was adorable too! 



Other videos showed Alexis preparing nutritious breakfasts including banana pancakes and eggs. 



Every once in a while, she would treat her children with a Fruity Pebbles breakfast or McDonald’s hotcakes, and that is certainly okay! As long as her children are being fed and they are healthy, that is all that matters. 



In another TikTok video, Alexis provided more details about her living situation to give viewers a better understanding of her difficult circumstances. “Before anyone tries to come for me, you do not know my situation,” Alexis said. “We live in a small camper and my stove is currently not working.” 

Elaborate breakfasts had to come second to heat for her family.



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The teen mom was doing her best under extreme circumstances.

While some people seemed concerned about the nutritional health of Alexis’ children, a donut with breakfast every once in a while was not worth the criticism. It's clear she balanced these treat meals out with healthier options on most days.

teen mom living in a camper shares what she feeds her kids for breakfastPhoto: Elena Safonova / Canva Pro

It is also important to note that nutritious foods like fresh fruits and produce tend to be more expensive than processed, ready-made options. 

According to 2021 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American spends around $5,259 annually on groceries or around $438 per month. That's well beyond what many families can afford in our current economic climate.

Instead of judging a mom feeding her children a fast-food meal or a candy bar with their lunch, we should remind ourselves that she is doing the best she can with what she has to make sure that her children eat, even if it means that she has to skip a few meals here and there herself. She is sacrificing more than we may ever know.

Fed children are happy children! 

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