Mom Finds Out That Her Daughter’s Stepmom Has Been Telling Everyone She’s The Biological Mom — ‘She Even Stole My Birth Story’

“This woman is, like, trying to be me.”

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The bond between a mother and daughter is special. So, when someone encroaches on that bond, it makes sense that a mom would be mad.

One stepmom took that encroachment to a whole new level by telling people that she was actually her stepdaughter’s biological mom.

One mom discovered her daughter’s stepmom is claiming to be her biological mother and stealing all of her stories about her name and birth.

Belle Blake, a TikTok content creator, shares snippets of her life on the app. One of those snippets recently left her “fuming.”


“I just picked my daughter up from dance class, and her stepmom has been telling everyone that she’s her biological mom,” Blake said.

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Blake was incredulous and furious.

“So, I went into class today, and one of the other mothers came up to me and said, ‘You must be Delilah’s stepmom,’” she explained. “And I go, ‘No, I’m her mom. I gave birth to her.’”

At this point, the other mom was just straight-up confused. “And then she goes, ‘What? No. Stephanie gave birth to her. Stephanie was telling us all about the preeclampsia that she had, that she had a seizure after she was born.’ This woman stole my birth story!” Blake said, hitting the steering wheel in front of her.

“She’s out here telling people that she was pregnant with Delilah, and she had preeclampsia, and she had seizures. She had to stay in the hospital with a magnesium drip. Excuse me?” she practically and understandably yelled at the camera. “And I was like, ‘Stephanie wasn’t even in the picture when Delilah was born. Like, Stephanie was in high school when Delilah was born,’” she recounted.


But Stephanie didn’t just steal Blake’s birth story. She also stole her baby naming story.

“So this woman goes on to tell the story of how I picked out the name Delilah for our daughter because it was me and my husband, hanging in the hammock in the backyard swinging, on just, like, a nice, fall day, and ‘Hey There, Delilah,’ came on the radio,” Blake said. “And I already liked, like, the radio show, 'Delilah,' like the nighttime show, and so that’s how I picked out the name. Stephanie had come to dance class and told all the other moms that she had picked out the name Delilah just like that.”

“I don’t know; she must have heard it from my ex-husband,” she concluded.


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Fellow TikTokers thought Blake should take legal action to protect herself and her daughter.

TikTok users who watched the video thought that Blake needed to get a restraining order as soon as possible.

“[Yeah], you need to get a restraining order. That’s scary,” one person said.


“Go through the family courts, get custody changed, and file a restraining order,” another suggested.

That’s like stalker behavior,” a third person pointed out.

Unfortunately, Blake may not be able to take any legal action. According to the University of South Carolina, “anyone who is a victim of harassment, first degree, harassment, second degree, or stalking” can get a restraining order.

However, first-degree harassment means someone is “following you” or “damaging your property.”


Second-degree harassment “means that someone has made you feel mental or emotional distress by doing things such as contacting you repeatedly through verbal, written or electronic means.”

Stalking involves a pattern of harmful behavior.

If all Stephanie has done is lie about giving birth, it probably wouldn’t be enough to get a restraining order, which is part of the unfortunate nature surrounding the law for them. However, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to look into it. 


At the very least, Blake can speak to her ex-husband and his wife and try to come to some sort of understanding.

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