These Wearable Breast Pumps Are Smaller, Quieter & Smarter Than Any Others

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To all the moms, new and seasoned. I’m here to put you on to a little gem in the realm of breast pumps. As a four-time pumping champion, I can honestly say with the first two babies my husband and I brought into the world—not much changed about the breast pumps. They were still bulky and came with 2 sizes of hard plastic flanges that did not fit me, or frankly, anyone I knew, and just overall uncomfortable.

When I had my daughter, Sage, however, the liquid gold-sucking tides were changing. Finally, I didn’t have to pump attached to a wall! A laughable ‘plus’, by the time I had my son, Bohdi. 

See Bohdi sent me to labor and delivery at 25 weeks, where I remained constrained to the hospital bed for 5 very long weeks. He was born via c-section at 30 weeks gestation and was sent to the NICU to thrive, while I was sent home to finally reunite with my 3 other babies. As much as I wanted desperately to be living in the NICU with him, I had to make the difficult decision to heal myself mentally, emotionally, and physically surrounded by my other babies who missed their mom, in the comfort of our own home.

This meant I had to drive the 45 minutes to the NICU every day and I’ll be pumping if my travels didn’t sync up with my schedule. 



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There were things many people had to unsolicitedly witness. Like the lady at the Starbucks drive-thru. Did she expect to see a woman ordering a Caramel Macchiato, to pull up to the window of her drive-thru, with purple-hued orangutang nipples, in a bra of her own making, with the not-so-quiet hum of her breast pump passenger? By the look of her innocent 17-18-year-old face, I can tell I was probably going to be the topic of humor for the day.

Over the next 120 days, I continued to put people in uncomfortable positions, on the highway, at stop lights, at the beach, the hair salon. Was it worth the nights of falling asleep to overthinking people's shocked faces? Of course, breast milk is the best thing for babies. The comradery of mothers around me that didn’t give me those ‘looks’ but just a glance of solidarity, understanding, and compassion made it all worth it.  

And now, I’ve found Elvie for you moms out there, plus a special discount code you can use ELVIETANGO for 20% off! 

Elvie features products made for women, by women.

The comradery of pumping women in the same position as me, inspired Tania Boler of Elvie, to break societal taboos--that women should be ashamed of pumping in public and developed cutting-edge tech, in the world of breast pumps. She made it her mission to empower women, by designing pumps especially made for all women with an insight that most of the tech brands don’t have.

Just because you make something pink doesn’t mean it’s for women! We love a good FemTech company that levels up women’s health and their lives.

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One size does not fit all – that’s why Elvie has 2 incredible pumps to choose from.

You know that seering, full body flinch of pain you get when you turn your OG breast pump on and the plastic just pulls your nipples to the ends of the earth—whether it’s been 5 minutes or 10 years, you remember it, you can’t forget it! Paired with the understanding of this, and the knowing that a comfortable, good-fitting pump makes all the difference in your journey and the understanding that one size does not in fact fit all. Elvie designed two incredibly smart pumps to choose from with discreteness and hands-free in mind, and ladies, they got it right.

Both are made of soft silicone that is gentle on the skin and can be paired with Elvie Nipple cushions that slide inside your breast shields to completely customize the fit to your specific needs. Knowing that a comfortable and good fit makes all the difference in your journey. 

I know at this point you have got to be swooning at the thought of discrete hands-free pumping, so let’s break down the differences between Elvie Pump and Elvie Stride.

Elvie Pump is the slimmest and smallest pump on the market, completely hands-free that you can wear with any bra, monitor milk volumes, and adjust pumping settings within the app giving you ultimate discretion.

Elvie Stride has hospital-grade performance and offers moms discreet, hands-free pumping as well and smart app features. Unlike the Elvie Pump, there is a small Hub that can be clipped to your clothing to keep your hands and body free to move. 

5 reasons new mothers should choose Elvie breast pumps.

All photos courtesy of Elvie

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As a woman with the love language of acts of service—nothing speaks to the depths of my soul more than someone or something whose acts supersede an expectation. And Elvie does just that!

1. Elvie pumps are a lot smaller.

Making these breast pumps the smallest, most slimline All-In-Bra (yes, you read that correctly) is revolutionary. Complete pumping discretion in the comfort of your favorite bra, no special pumping bra required—or in my case cutting of a sports bra— no more lugging around a bulky passenger and their tentacles.

The sleek, stylish, and compact pump makes traveling with it easier and more accessible. The soft silicone molds to your breast making it comfortable throughout the entirety of your day.

Feel the freedom of walking through the door of your home pumping and being able to embrace your babies while simultaneously pumping, without the awkward 5” of hard plastic between you. 

2. The sizing is customizable.

Say it with me, not all breasts are the same. Not all nipples are the same.

Elvie pumps do not commit to the one-size-fits-all concept and thank goodness for that. With three sizes of nipple cushions compatible with both Elvie Stride and Elvie Pump to slip inside of your breast shields (which also come in three sizes) you not only enhance your fit but reap the liquid gold benefits of a more efficient expression.

A good fit really makes all the difference! Find your perfect size and fit.  

3. Elvie pumps are quiet beyond belief.

Elvie Pump is the quietest on the market, and Elvie Stride is just a whisper above. A moment so quiet and relaxing that you can hear a single milk drop and the sweet purrs of your undisturbed newborn sleeping next to you.

Goodbye to the obnoxious Wee-Hoo-Wee-Hoo. Sounds like a new mom, vacay! 

4. They feature smart built-in tech.

Talk nerdy to me, but really. Their new SmartRhythm™ pumping is like having a lactation consultant right at your side for every step of your journey (only available with Elvie Pump).

Four completely customizable pumping rhythms to optimize your milk output as well as manage common obstacles while pumping, such as sensitive nipples or heavy let-downs. 

5. Elvie has an app to help monitor and track milk output.

New moms, this may be a surprise to you. Pediatricians want you to keep a log of how much you are feeding your baby and how often. There is nothing less enticing than trying to find a pen and paper on an hour of sleep, or worse in the middle of the night.

The Pump With Elvie App smart built-in tech takes that task right off your overwhelming new mom to-do list. Conveniently tracking each pumping session and milk output. I mean, what!

I know I have just convinced you to go deep-dive their website so don’t forget to use ELVIETANGO at checkout and use the money you save to buy yourself a Caramel Macchiato and bring your new, way less embarrassing passenger too!  

*Discount cannot be combined with sitewide promotions.

-Created in partnership with Elvie

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