Parents Leave Baby With Salesman While They Test-Drive A New Car

Apparently, car dealerships are also day care centers.

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Some people will do whatever it takes to get a new car, even if it means leaving their children with complete strangers. 

A video on TikTok is receiving all kinds of attention after parents chose the first person they spotted to watch their baby as they prepared to seal the deal on a new car. 

The parents left their baby with a car salesman while they test-drove their potential new car. 

In the viral video posted by Randy Ross (@randofrmdabando), who works at a car dealership, one of his co-workers paces the parking lot with a baby in his arms after the parents went with a different salesperson to test drive a car that they were interested in. 


“The dealership never gets old,” Ross wrote in the text overlay of his video. “The customers left bro with their baby while they went on the test drive.” 



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Ross and another colleague can be heard cracking up behind the camera as their co-worker walks around the many cars in the parking lot in an attempt to keep the baby entertained. 

The situation sparked mixed reactions from viewers. 

Some people believed the parents’ actions to be harmless and necessary. 

“It takes a village. Anything for that deal!” one TikTok user commented. “To be fair, switching the car seat over for just a 10-minute ride is a lot of work,” another user wrote. 

Others shared their own similar experiences while working at a car dealership where they were left to supervise customers’ children. 

“This happened one too many times while I was working at a car dealership … me and the baby were just like …,” one user revealed. “I had people leave a baby with me (receptionist) while they went on a test drive. We’d be staring at each other,” another wrote. 


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However, other people found it bizarre and unsafe that the parents would leave their baby alone with a stranger. 

“I would never leave my baby alone with someone I just met,” one user commented. “One time the guy showing us the car offered to watch our daughter and I was like, ain’t no way,” another user shared. 


Others noted that it is not in a car salesperson’s job description to provide customer babysitting services. 

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It is possible to even bring your babies, and their car seats, of course, with you on a test drive. 

Before you make a big purchase like a car, you’ll want to ensure that it can accommodate your entire family, including your children and their car seats. Taking a test drive with them in the car will give you a better idea if a particular vehicle is the right fit for you. 



Most car dealership employees will allow you to install car seats even if it is just for a test drive, however, you may want to leave the kids at home if possible. It can be difficult to make an important decision like buying a car when you add the distraction of children. You could miss certain key details about the car’s features and significant parts of the conversation with the salesperson when your kids are rolling the windows up and down in the backseat! 


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And while a salesperson may be happy to look after your children while on a test drive, they are certainly under no obligation to do so. After all, they have a job to do and could miss out on a sale if they are too occupied with changing diapers and rocking a baby to sleep. 

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