Mom Wants To Sell Her Daughter's Taylor Swift Tickets To Pay Off $9000 In Student Loan Debt — The Girl Says It's A 'Non-Negotiable'

She's feeling 22.

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Graduating from college is a momentous occasion, a once-in-a-lifetime achievement that deserves to be celebrated. Yet finishing school and entering the so-called real world also brings adult-level responsibilities, like finding a job, paying rent, and chipping away at the enormous amounts of debt going to college most likely created.

One mother and her recently graduated daughter clashed over an issue that tends to cause tension in any relationship: Money.


The mom wanted to sell her daughter’s Taylor Swift tickets to pay off $9000 of student loan debt.

She asked for advice from Rachel Cruze, a financial content creator, explaining that her 22-year-old daughter “just graduated college with some student loan debt,” — a scenario that’s par for the course in higher education.

Yet the mom’s concern for her daughter’s financial future took the form of an ultimatum after she bought three presale tickets to see Taylor Swift.

@rachelcruze A mom called in the show asking if her daughter should sell her Taylor Swift Eras tickets to pay off student loab debt.Listen to what we had to say 👀#taylorswift #erastour #finance101 ♬ original sound - Rachel Cruze

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In an act of familial goodwill, the girl offered to take her mom and sister to the show.

“We got them for, like, $209 a piece,” the mom said. “Good seats.”

However, when she saw the "insane" resale prices, the mom wondered if selling their Taylor Swift tickets would be better for her daughter in the long run.

The mom explained to her daughter that they could pay off a major chunk of her student loan debt by selling the tickets and skipping the show.

“Why don’t you sell those tickets, and you can knock down so much of your student loan debt?” the mom asked her daughter, saying, “You’d be so far ahead.”

Yet her daughter stood strong, saying that seeing Taylor Swift was ‘non-negotiable.’

The daughter described going to the Eras Tour as “a bucket list item,” and in many ways, she’s totally right.


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Denying ourselves joyful memories just because we’re stuck in a negative financial cycle doesn’t make our lives better or easier, and it certainly doesn't get us out of debt any sooner.

Cruze’s co-host asked for clarification, wondering if her daughter used her own money for the Eras Tour ticket windfall.


“No, it was my money,” the mom declared. “I paid for them.”

The co-host pressed the mom for an honest answer to an important question: Would she be spending $9,000 to pay down her daughter’s loan if they’d never bought the tickets in the first place?

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The mom revealed that she, in fact, would not have put that sum of money toward her daughter’s student debt without the profit from the tickets.


For what it’s worth, the mom immediately reevaluated the situation, making a complete 180 in her decision as she said, “Tell Olivia we’re going to the concert.”

“Make memories with your two daughters,” the co-host exclaimed, acting as the light we all need in these dark times.

Student debt is a seemingly insurmountable political issue, something that negatively affects younger generations more than the generations above them.

@cocoabutterofficial Over $140B of student debt and counting are going towards student loan forgiveness and Madam Vice President Kamal Harris wants to keep it going! #studentloans #studentloandebt #studentloanforgiveness #kamalaharris #elections2024 #politics #bidenharris #vpotus #2024election #cocoabutter ♬ original sound - Cocoa Butter

Some believe that it's up to individual graduates to manage the immense costs of college, while others take a more generous mindset, holding onto the idea of community care and the belief that the federal government could put policies in place to help young people get their sea legs after school ends.  

As parents and students increasingly question whether college is even a viable option for the future, one thing is certain: Dancing the night away and scream-singing in a crowd of glittery Swifties is priceless. 

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